NetCAT 6.5 Weekly | Report # 6

Scripting on a roll…

I am developing a PHP Web Application, it feels good to be back at using PHP, thanks to the Team behind PHP Support, for letting me work on one IDE, instead of two for creating such an app.

What I missed…

Hahaha, again an awesome week. I didn’t miss anything, or did I?

What I did…

After the reviews, it was time to file bugs… Good news is that, they were few. So, how you would know, which bugs I filed, when we have an Issuezilla. Well, its not that easy for a general user to actually find bugs filed by a particular member. I don’t know about you? But, if you do know it, post a comment over here.

Anyways, I filed following bugs, man some of them got fixed so quickly, that I had to look into my mailbox archive, to dug out some of them. Why? Actually, when bugs filed by a user get fixed, they are not visible in My Issues, which is different for every user.

01 | Inconsistence behavior recognizing Javascript functions in PHP Webpages (This got fixed)

02 | Error in Hyperlink Detection when I mouseOver functions “require” and “include”

03 | Code Completion includes unused Javascripts methods

04 | String Break

See, they were few. There were some more which got fixed, but not required to be mentioned here, as they were reported by using Exception Reporter. So, some were already fixed earlier, and some got fixed by yesterday. The one’s reported by me. There were 2-3 reports. All were fixed.

So, they are obviously not showstoppers, but yes they can be a necessity, in longer run. Hey, did I mention, its going to be out as FCS for the first time. So, its an excellent effort by the team. These were the bugs, and enhancement(s), I felt while creating my PHP Web App.

Check this out for more info on my blog-


I shared my project idea with the community, and asked for their feedback. I got more than what I expected and still await some more.

Geetjan Wielenga was the 3rd guest on my blog!

This NetCAT Weekly Report #6, is my personal report on what I experienced during a particular week.
Its not related in any respect with NetCAT organisers.