jQuery, PHP and CSS.. NetBeans IDE Still Rocks..

Recently, got an opportunity to do some implementation using Ajax and PHP. Having previously used NetBeans IDE 6.1/6.5 for PHP, it was an obvious choice to come back to NetBeans IDE again.

Although, I am yet to download the latest version, I am currently using 6.8 and I enjoyed every bit of it, while playing with CSS and jQuery for the first time, while implementing Ajax with PHP.

As I am gonna stay with PHP for sometime now, so I guess I better get my NetBeans IDE upgraded, before I miss out on any useful features.

It’s good to be back 🙂

No More Blogging, Tweeting!!

As I am no longer associated to any OSS activity (esp. NetBeans) for past few months. I think I will focus on other blog(s), where I am still active and blogging related to key learnings at my workplace.

Also, I have left twitter for good, I am bored of tweet-world as I no longer feel the need to do it. Anyways, enjoy the Fifa World Cup 2010, Grand Finale is near and I hope to see Netherlands pick the trophy this weekend.

By the way, you can get back in touch by emailing to diehard DOT coder AT gmail DOT com Anyways, it was great fun blogging for NetBeans and related FOSS technologies. Hope to see you follow my other blog (PrayogShala), where I am doing Shell Scripting rather than NetBeaning 😉

Building MyRCP..

Recently, I posted a question on NetBeans Forums as I was interested in knowing how to get started with building NetBeans Platform. So, I will be sharing the steps I followed that made my work easy.

Getting Started

Well, I have downloaded the source code for NetBeans Platform 6.X, as well as two JDK’s [1.5.0_22 – 64bit,  1.6.0_18 – 32bit] on Windows 7 – 64bit OS.  Assuming ANT_HOME, JAVA_HOME set properly and added to PATH.

It’s not necessary that you download the same JDK’s, however it’s necessary to have a copy of JDK 5 and 6. Because some versions of NetBeans code are built using JDK 5, while v6.8 can be built using JDK 6.

Steps To Be Followed

  1. Extracted the source code of NetBeans Platform 6.X under MyRCP\NbRcp_6X on my OS.
  2. cd some\path\to\MyRCP\NbRcp_6X
  3. cd nbbuild
  4. ant -Dcluster.config=platform build-platform -Dnbjdk.home=”%JAVA_HOME%”
    ant -Dcluster.config=platform build-platform -Dpermit.jdk6.builds=true
  5. Zip the netbeans directory created under MyRCP\NbRcp_6X\nbbuild directory and extract it wherever necessary/version-control the netbeans directory.

There you go, you have build your own RCP. Go, get started by adding the newly built platform in your NetBeans 6.X Platform Manager.

Windows 7, NetBeans 6.8 and Oracle

After buying my new laptop, I thought of getting back to NetBeans IDE and test it on pre-installed Windows 7 Home Premium on my system.

Quick Review

Looks good so far, finally I have a system with indefinite RAM (pun intended) for NetBeans IDE to run smoothly. Really, its a big relief for me..

By the way, it’s been a long time, since I followed the NB Community that closely as I used to did more than a year ago.. Anyways, hope to update myself on latest version of NetBeans IDE and related news..

Future @ORACLE

Yes, I did came to know about Oracle plans for NetBeans through Planet NetBeans.. Glad to know that JavaOne might take place in India, sometime in future. Also, hoping that Sun Tech Days take place in Hyderabad next month, as I am eagerly waiting for it..