No More Blogging, Tweeting!!

As I am no longer associated to any OSS activity (esp. NetBeans) for past few months. I think I will focus on other blog(s), where I am still active and blogging related to key learnings at my workplace.

Also, I have left twitter for good, I am bored of tweet-world as I no longer feel the need to do it. Anyways, enjoy the Fifa World Cup 2010, Grand Finale is near and I hope to see Netherlands pick the trophy this weekend.

By the way, you can get back in touch by emailing to diehard DOT coder AT gmail DOT com Anyways, it was great fun blogging for NetBeans and related FOSS technologies. Hope to see you follow my other blog (PrayogShala), where I am doing Shell Scripting rather than NetBeaning 😉

Windows 7, NetBeans 6.8 and Oracle

After buying my new laptop, I thought of getting back to NetBeans IDE and test it on pre-installed Windows 7 Home Premium on my system.

Quick Review

Looks good so far, finally I have a system with indefinite RAM (pun intended) for NetBeans IDE to run smoothly. Really, its a big relief for me..

By the way, it’s been a long time, since I followed the NB Community that closely as I used to did more than a year ago.. Anyways, hope to update myself on latest version of NetBeans IDE and related news..

Future @ORACLE

Yes, I did came to know about Oracle plans for NetBeans through Planet NetBeans.. Glad to know that JavaOne might take place in India, sometime in future. Also, hoping that Sun Tech Days take place in Hyderabad next month, as I am eagerly waiting for it..


Jazoon ’10 | Call for Papers

After successful exhibitions in 2007 and 2008, Jazoon’09 drew a record 1,100 participants from 37 countries. Now, we’re currently seeking sponsors and exhibitors to take part in Jazoon’10.


Starting today the clock is running towards the submission deadline for the Jazoon’10 Call for Papers. Java and Open Source Experts from all over the world are called upon to actively participate in the steering of the program of Jazoon’10.

Proposals for short (20 minutes) and long talks (50 minutes) can be submitted within the scope of the technical sessions until 3 February 2010. Presentations can be held individually or together with a co-speaker. Speakers profit from preferential terms – details to be found here. Proposals for Jazoon Rookie (20 minutes) can be submitted until 4 April 2010. Participating criteria and benefits can be found here.

Other News

I am making a comeback on this blog with this post, hope to continue doing, what I love doing..

Blog Series and PrayogShala

PrayogShala (New Blog)

I have some important news to share, I will contiuning some of the blog series (started here) at another blog. As announced yesterday, I have launched the new blog today.

Currently, there are two posts. One of the them, continues the series I started here with the following blogs;

Hope you will like this change. Also, I have changed the look of this blog as you would notice. Hoping I will continue to provide quality content on both blogs and interested readers may read more about the new blog.

Stay tuned..

James Gosling, NBDT Honorary Member

I was wondering whether to blog this or not. However, I felt its important the NetBeans Community must know this. Last month at JavaOne, Sven Reimers who received Duke’s Choice Award, inducted James Gosling into the NetBeans Dream Team Wall of Fame. Thank you so much!

Sven Reimers and James Gosling, members of NetBeans Dream Team

Netbeans Dream Team Honorary Members

Honorary members are previous Dream Team members who opted out. They must be a Dream Team member for a continuous year before they are Honorary Members. They reserve the right to be a Dream Team guest at any time. The do not reserve the right to use the Dream Team logo in future works. They do not receive any software, hardware, clothing, or other material benefits which may or may not be given to Dream Team Members.

Other News

I have setup a new blog for my experimental work, I like to carry out either with NetBeans Platform or any other technologies. I will be announcing it tomorrow.

Stay tuned..