Tryst with Platform


Here, I am beginning a fully dedicated page on NetBeans Platform, i.e. to explore and share my learnings about the Platform.

Make your learning pluggable, use NetBeans Platform

I had earlier started with GLF, but its been a long time since I might have updated that page. I have started focusing on more aspects of NetBeans Platform and would try my best, to share as much I could, to help community strive forward with Platform and NetBeans API’s easily!

NetBeans Module’s XML Layer

I had a blog series on XML Layer, optional configuration file for NBM! Here are some of the documenting done for this subject;

Tips and Tricks

  1. Play with XML Layer
  2. Play with XML Layer (Part 2)
  3. Play with XML Layer (Part 3)


  1. How To Hyperlink XML Layer (Part 4)

NetBeans Community Docs


  1. Creating CallableSystemAction From Scratch
  2. Creating CookieAction From Scratch
  3. Transforming Actions (Part 1)
  4. Transforming Actions (Part 2)

Tips and Tricks

  1. Hacking Module’s XML Layer in NetBeans (Part 1)
  2. Hacking Module’s XML Layer in NetBeans (Part 2)

NetBeans Zone

Tips and Tricks

  1. Playing with NetBeans XML Layer Files (Part 1)

General Topics

Topics concerned with basics of NetBeans Platform- Top Components, Clusters, Modules, Lookup, etc..

Tips and Tricks

  1. Reactivating Editor Windows (Contributed)
  2. Configure Clusters and Modules (Contributed)
  3. Getting Started with GSF (Contributed)
  4. Managing NetBeans Platforms.. (Contributed)
  5. Hacking Modules..

Special Guest

Geertjan Wielenga blogged “Top 10 NetBeans Platform 6.5 Features

Blog Series


You may have a look at what sort of modules, I have designed since June, 2008. For more details on projects based on NetBeans Platform, they could be Modules/Applications, etc.. Later on, I created a project at Kenai and I will be committing sources of every NetBeans Standalone Modules, I create.. More information coming soon.. Tutorials

This is interesting part, as Sun Technical Writers are providing those tutorials. Anyways, recently I had given a feedback at Hyperlink Navigation Tutorial, and wrote that I’m interested in making an improved version of that tutorial. To my surprise, Geertjan replied and he gave me the permission.

Revamped Hyperlink Navigation Tutorial- Contributed at NetBeans Community Docs and NetBeans Zone

Plugin Development Workshops

Since becoming NetBeans Community Docs Coordinator, then NetBeans Dream Team Member and leaving JIIT Sun Club Management, never had/got an opportunity to conduct an event. By the way, I was never good at public speaking, still I did some talking when I was a coordinator at JIIT Sun Club.

However, these positions earned me an unexpected chance to conduct an event, that too for Sun Microsystems, India. Its an honor for a person like me.

06 Sept, 2008 | Amity University I did a workshop on Introduction to NetBeans Plugin Development during Sun CA Induction Program. Hope you would enjoy reading about it. Slides are also featured on NetBeans Platform Teaching Resources and Sun Website.

21 Sept, 2008 | JIIT University I did yet another workshop on Introduction to NetBeans Plugin Development on the occasion of Software Freedom Day. Slides were same, however I had more confidence this time, and workshop was a success! I enjoyed it..

Updated- 30th Dec, 2009

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