PHP to Javascript | Hyperlink Navigation

Wow, another surprise, did I miss something in release notes! I hunted again and again, I think I got the treasure first 😛 Actually, today I was again looking into PHP support, so thought of opening my first ever PHP application, I created using Dreamweaver 8, WAMPServer (which was actually my semester project) last December.

I was going through application’s index.php, which had embedded php scripts, and links to javascripts using following tags-

<script type="text/javascript" src="styles/some_script.js"></script>

where styles/some_script.js is the script used, along with 2 more scripts. So, in body tag, there was a call to one of the functions belonging to one of the three .js files, like-

<body onload="javascript:call_func();">

So, today I was thinking, it would be nice if I click on this function, and get directed to the javascript which has this function, started visualizing it. By mistake, I pressed CTRL (Windows users) and started hovering the mouse over “javascript:call_func();” I was shocked to see it actually detected a hyperlink, I clicked and another shock, it navigated me to the exact line where the function is defined in a particular javascript.

Amazing, isn’t it? Another cool discovery 😉

What are you upto? 🙂