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This page is fully dedicated to my contribution to the Community Docs, as well as, working with James, Amit and the whole community since December (2007). Also, I have provided a dedicated blog roll for it on the right panel of this blog.

Its been a great journey so far, hope to continue that way in the future too…
I started off in late November (2007), when I was participating in Code For Freedom Contest (eventually becoming NetBeans Community Significant Contributor). It was during this contest, that I got addicted to NetBeans Community.

It was during that time, that I came across Amit Kumar Saha, who had just become the Community Docs Contribution Coordinator, so it was good to have an Indian there to get started with this program.

About Community Docs
All around the world, members of communities contribute to make their community a better one. NetBeans is no different. You can make a direct impact on the quality of the NetBeans community by contributing docs in a number of formats.

I started off with the Wish List, this list is intended for those who want specific tutorials from the community. It could be anything a flash demo, tutorial, blog, etc. that you want. So, just contact the Community Docs Team, or join their mailing list alias to interact with all the members from NetBeans Community over there to help you out and guide you.

Coming back to me, I contributed an article, Checking out from CVS and doing headless builds. It was my first ever contribution, and I was excited to get NetBeans Spotlight as well. Also, I was lucky enough to get an exclusive NetBeans 6.0 T-Shirt too.

Then, I didn’t contribute any doc for 1 month, as I was spending time over the mailing list a lot, querying my seniors and assisting newcomers, there were few people who had chatted with me personally on GTalk. I was sometimes annoyed the way some of them acted.

Then, I realised its not their mistake, every human being is different and we need to learn how to tackle them to live in a society. So, I contacted James for the first time ever and that too on such issue, i.e. there are some people who needed guidance on each and every step, to be able to contribute a doc.

It was then the Quick Start Guide was formed and you might see about this guide when you open up the Community Docs homepage.

First time contributor? Be sure to read Varun Nischal’s Getting Started With NetBeans Docs.

Since then, Community Docs has come way ahead, scored a 100 while on our way to entering Phase II of this amazing program. Now, we are available at social networking sites as well. We are still rolling out docs, and its surely be never ending…

Thanks, James and Amit.
Its been great working with you.

So, this was my story uptil now, you may see my contributions done so far here – Contributions.

Update: May 01, 2008 –

Today is one of the greatest days of my life, as I am appointed as the new NetBeans Community Docs Contribution Coordinator. Announcement was made by James Branam on his Sun blog!

It could be seen at the NetBeans Blogosphere too, where its featured at the top! I am looking forward to work with James and Amit, to take Community Docs to a new high!

Update: May 15, 2008 –

I am featured on NetBeans Weekly Newsletter, Issue #341 published on May 13th. Finally, made it to the newsletter, that too because I became the Contribution Coordinator. Thank you, Rob Demmer!

Update: May 18, 2008 –

Few months back, I had started to do research on whether its possible to contribute docs from within the IDE. You can see the initial work done on that project at! You can follow me on NetBeans mailing lists as well, where I discuss about issues related to this idea.

Update: May 30, 2008 –

Community Docs completed another milestone, its now a repository of 150 community-driven docs. Here’s Ruth, making an announcement on blogosphere. It happened when 5 docs were contributed on 22nd May, making it 150 in totality.

Update: June 12, 2008 –

I was interviewed by Tinuola Awopetu, Managing Editor,

Introducing Varun Nischal, the new coordinator for the NetBeans Community Docs Program. Is your recent blog entry about NetBeans a potential tutorial for the community? Varun would know!

There’s a special entry I wrote on my first ever blog…Give it a read 🙂

Update: June 29, 2008 –

James Branam, Program Manager blogged about my contributions I did during the last week of June, 2008. He said,

I like the idea than Varun has chosen to lead by example. I also think that the NB Community owes Varun a huge thanks for what he has done. Not only for his contributions (there are many more), but for his excellent work as Contribution Coordinator.

Update: July 15, 2008 –

James wrote an article for NetBeans Zone, about NetBeans Community Docs Program.

Update: July 21, 2008 –

Community Docs completed another milestone, its now a repository of 175 community-driven docs. Here’s the announcement on blogosphere. Also, my tally of contributions reaches 16 docs!

Update: August 08, 2008 –

200 community-driven documentation in our Wiki repository. NetBeans Community Docs Program is on a high, and its been surprising everyone, as we are achieving every milestone faster than we would have expected.

Update: August 18, 2008 –

We launched Weekly Newsletter for Docs Program, as well as James gave an interview on the 200 docs and counting… For more information, about both read my weblog.

Update: September 01, 2008 –

Wow, now we have our own evangelists, they would be help in expanding the program across their native countries. To start off, we might even have multi-lingual newsletters. Team, now comprises of 5 members- Fantastic Four and Bond, James Bond!

Update: September 17, 2008 –

James Branam, NetBeans Community Docs Manager was recently interviewed by Llyod for NetBeans Podcast Episode #46! So, we got featured in NetBeans Podcast, hence I blogged a special entry for that.

Update: September 30, 2008 –

Time has arrived to realise the dream, and work has begun-

I am working on creating an offline solution based on NetBeans Platform, to help wiki users, comfortably read/write documents locally, preview them as well. Possibly have an Ant-based Project Type to support efficient management of local documents to be created.

Update: October 06, 2008 –

In the 8th edition of our weekly newsletters, we made some important announcements in “Special News” section. Its all about Eclipse Import Guide, Heroes and Multilingual blog!

Update: October 10, 2008 –

Since Kristian released 1st German translation of our newsletters, there has been some program updates. Now, you can also subscribe German weekly newsletters through email. Read more…

Update: October 15, 2008 –

James made an important announcement about the program, have a look;

It’s October, and we haven’t had a lot of contributions so far this month. Why don’t we put together a bunch of Tips & Tricks. Anything helping a NetBeans user do his/her job will qualify as a contribution.

2 days later, I made an announcement on translating existing docs, mainly tips and Tricks.

Update: October 22, 2008 –

Aristides released 1st Spanish translation as NetBeans Birthday Celebrations began…Also, we got Community Recognition during NetBeans Birthday Celebrations.

2 days later, it was the first time my tutorial got featured on and included in their Knowledge Base.

Update: October 27, 2008 –

I published the 11th edition on the eve of Grand Finale of NetBeans Birthday, where many outstanding community members got the acknowledgement. I was surprised to see my name there 🙂

Update: November 01, 2008 –

I began blogging about the significant contributors to our docs program, who were given Community Recognition during NetBeans B’day Bash.

On Dec 07, 2008– This series came to an end…

Update: November 06, 2008 –

Guess what, we accomplish yet another milestone- we have now got 250 community-contributed documents! Also, we made an important announcement, do read it once.

Update: November 17, 2008 –

We made yet another announcement, rather unusual one;

You might have got into a habit of receiving our weekly newsletters. However, due to some technical issues, we could not deliver the 13th edition. So, without breaking the count, we would publish the 14th edition this week.

Update: December 07, 2008 –

As I had started a blog series soon after we got Community Recognition during NetBeans Birthday Bash. I have ended the series today, click the above link to read all the entries.

Update: December 14, 2008 –

Last year, when I was 20 years old, I started writing (articles, tutorials, etc.) for the very first time and its been a year now. Today, I am 21 years old, the past one year I have devoted to NetBeans community, which has certainly helped me improve my existing skills as well as developing new one’s.

Read this special entry, I wrote for my birthday and first anniversary of being with NetBeans Community Docs…

Update: March 02, 2009 –

I have been the NetBeans Comumunity Docs Coordinator for the past 10 months, i.e. since May 2008 and today, I feel proud to announce that we have reached an important milestone on the occasion of our program’s 2nd anniversary. We got 300 community contributed docs..

Aristides also made an announcement on his blog in his native language (Spanish) to notify Spanish community about the developments taking place..

Update: April 01, 2009 –

James Branam made an announcement on his blog;

Today I have a very important announcement to make. The NetBeans Community Docs program has a new Contribution Coordinator: Kristian Rink.


I would also like to thank Varun Nischal, the program’s former Contribution Coordinator, for a job well done. Under Varun’s leadership, the program was able to reach new milestones, including the latest milestone of 300 contributions.

Indeed, nobody is making a fool out of you on 1st April, its true. I had left the team on that very day. I had mixed feelings, but I was getting busier day-by-day with my internship. So, it was the right time to make the move.

Thank You, Team and NetBeans Community!

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