uCertify PrepKit Review (SCJP 5.0)

Few months back,

I got an opportunity to review one of the uCertify‘s PrepKit. So, I opted for SCJP 5.0 PrepKit and here’s what I had to write about the PrepKit.

Update: 23rd Dec, 2009

uCertify writes special blog entries for their PrepKit reviewers.
Have a look at blog about my review.

See ya later..

Reviewing NetBeans Book

This year, I received an email from Packt Publishing, inviting me to review one of the books based on NetBeans IDE, Java EE 5 Development with NetBeans 6. I was quite excited about this opportunity and after exchanging few mails with their Market Research Executive, accepted the invitation.

After nearly 2 months, I was able to finish reading the book and here’s my review of the book. Read it carefully and I feel you would enjoy reading the book as I did, because of its easy reading style and effectiveness of communicating complex topics.

Stay tuned..

Community Docs and NetBeans

This is the first time, I thought of filing an issue for NetBeans Community Docs Program as I have never ever thought there would be a need for it, in the past 2 years. Generally, no one has ever done that, AFAIK.

I have been an active contributor to NetBeans Community Docs Program and managed it as coordinator for the duration of 11 months (May ’08 – Mar ’09). However, I feel there’s lack of coverage of the resources, that are gathered and arranged in the form of several wikis interrelated with each other in a systematic way.

Through this issue, I would like to see increased presence of NetBeans Community Docs in the NetBeans Community. I have some ideas which I would like to put forward, but first I want to see interest from your side (Community Members and NetBeans Team).

You’re welcome to add your comments/suggestions or even vote for this issue. See the following for latest updates.

Jul 14, 2009

Kristian Rink has setup a user survey. Please go and fill up the forms. We need your feedback, so that we can be in better position to decide the future of this program.

Jul 08, 2009

Kristian Rink has written a post discussing the future of the program and what does the community think about it? I feel you must go through it once.

Jul 03, 2009

Since VOC Captains have CC’ed themselves on issue report and I got reply from Michel. Here are I am sharing my ideas and related details;

Brief History

There are over 300 docs, right? When we reached 250 docs, I realized that there was findability issue. If I need a tutorial on how to make use of some feature, which is documented only by a community member and not by Sun writers. Then, user has to put some effort to locate that. Even I had that problem.

So, through mutual agreement, we created several category-specific wikis that would archive docs belonging to those categories. You may read more about that here;


This way we were able to fix the findability issue, temporarily. Yes, temporarily! I thought, we were still missing a page which can provide pointers to all the sections of these category-specific wikis. So, I decided to setup a wiki;


that will do the needful. Now, if anyone wants (community contributed) tutorials on GUI Builder, just need to bookmark this link;


This contains a matrix which has necessary pointers to tackle the issue.


Now, coming to the point of concern, i.e. the NetBeans Community Website doesn’t feature pointers to these wikis. As you might know that currently there’s only one pointer to the Community Docs Contributions list from relevant Learning Trails.

Instead, I would love to see a separate “Community Contributed Docs” Learning Trails, where one can have relevant information on how to access these wikis. Also, I would request the NB Team remove the following webpage;


Its better to have single Learning Trails page to focus on the above issue, rather than maintaining small sections on every Learning Trail and maintaining the above webpage. It will also ease the work spent by NB Team on such maintenance. Also, the proposed Learning Trail can also be pointed from User FAQs, Developer FAQs, etc.

If someone is unable to find  necessary info in these FAQs, then he/she may navigate to the trail to learn how to find out community contributed docs for their requirement. This should be good enough to make our presence felt in the community, as this Learning Trails would feature in Docs & Support page.


Lets congrats James, Tom and Fabrizio!

Firstly, its good to be back at blogging. It certainly became an important part of my life and I really missed it for the past 1.5 months. Anyways, time to cheer up and congratulate my friends 🙂

NetBeans Governance Board Elections

Well, it is actually the first time that I knew each and every nominee, because they are in the NetBeans Dream Team since July 2008.

March 09, 2009

I was eagerly waiting for the results to come and when the results were out. It was indeed a pleasant surprise. I saw it first on Planet NetBeans and saw JamesBranam’s Blog announcing the results. I was indeed deceived momentarily, but then I was glad to see James Branam being appointed as the representative from Sun Microsystems. As per the latest news item , Tom Wheeler scored a hat-trick , Fabrizio Giudici got elected for the first time . I am honored to have got special blog entries from James and Fabrizio in the past.

Congratulations to James, Tom and Fabrizio!

Top NetBeans Posts of Year 2008

Today, I looked at my blog’s dashboard closely for statistics of top posts… I found only five had more than 900 hits and they all were published in the last quarter of the year, so that’s interesting.. Anyways, here’s the Top Five Entries;

01 | Top 10 NetBeans Platform 6.5 Features


Geertjan Wielenga (Special Guest)


Here are my personal favorite enhancements in relation to the NetBeans Platform for the upcoming 6.5 release.

Note that the NetBeans Platform is the infrastructure that underpins NetBeans IDE, as well as many other similar large modular Swing applications, hence this blog entry isn’t applicable to NetBeans IDE only.

It is applicable to any application built atop the NetBeans Platform. So, here are my personal favorite features, in no particular order…

02 | MySQL Admin and NetBeans 6.1 IDE


Varun Nischal


Few days back, I had blogged about Tryst with MySQL. Today, I shall move ahead and give an insight on database management with MySQL using NetBeans.

Its meant for Windows user only, rest can follow too, though just for the content and may try exploring these steps for their OS as well..

03 | Editor Hyperlinks (PHP to Javascript)


Varun Nischal


Wow, another surprise, did I miss something in release notes! I hunted again and again, I think I got the treasure first P Actually, today I was again looking into PHP support, so thought of opening my first ever PHP application, I created using Dreamweaver 8, WAMPServer (which was actually my semester project) last December..

04 | Remote profiling with NetBeans


Fabrizio Giudici (Special Guest)


The NetBeans Profiler is well known as a fundamental utility for analyzing the performance of a Java application, as well as being a very intuitive and simple tool to run (of course, the real job of guessing the meaning of the figures that it produces is another story).

Actually, developing an application with the NetBeans IDE and profiling in just a couple of clicks is nice; but sometimes it is not the best option..

05 | VW JSF and Woodstock (NetBeans 6.5)


Varun Nischal


Nice to see the August build has a better support for VW JSF with Woodstock Components. It was a disappointing experience during last 2 weeks of July, since NetCAT began.

Features like On-Demand Binding Attribute were not working, syntax highlighting was not good, as well as, Deploy on focus..

Thank You