Shifting Base…Build from Sources


What a week I had, and while using the new Dev Build, I thought of trying once again, i.e. to build the NB from its source code. Though, I had the code which dates back to 1st week of June. Still, I thought giving a try, as I could never build it using NB 6.1 😐

Awestruck! Simply awesome! What happened? Is it magic? As you know the NetBeans Build System, is a Freeform Project. So, in NetBeans 6.5, you have new icon for such projects, its pink in color, and I was amazed to see no error badges sticking on the files of Hg sources, when opened in this IDE.

I added JDK 1.5 u10 into Java Platforms, configured the Project, as I did earlier, and ran Target Build IDE (no Zip)…After few hours, project was successfully built. Then, I ran the project through Target tryme, bingo! 😀

NetBeans 6.1 Development Version was running, which was basically ran through NB Build System! I still can’t believe it, last time I successfully build any sources was way back in December, when I built 6.0 sources checkout using CVS repos. It has really given me a boost to think about the future, i.e. fixing the code through patches, and probably developing some day in the main repos.

Enjoy…..I still can’t believe it… 😉