NetCAT 6.5 Weekly | Report #2


10 days gone, when 1st weekly was out. Huh, well there’s not much content I have for this week. I didn’t devote much time, except a docs review and as usual, arguing/debating on mailing lists, for good 😉

What I missed…

Probably, when it was announced PHP Feature Freeze was reached, I still didn’t took time out for testing and reviewing, sorry! But, can’t help it, busy with some projects, deadlines approaching soon. However, I would review PHP and docs.

What I did…

Well, I did review one documentation, well not such a good figure for a docs coordinator. At least, this time I could afford to let the community review tutorials written by Sun Technical writers 😉 Its good to see lot of people with zeal, helping out the authors, who wrote the docs, reporting bugs/enhancements and more. So, it was by and large, happy ending! I have one pending doc in my list, I will do it soon.

Bugs Filed-

Sorry, I couldn’t file bugs, but would surely do, what I came across, esp. MySQL Node, remember? When I blogged about bug report, I had filed.


Hyperlink Navigation Renaissance, 15 hrs of Fame, and another Milestone accomplished at Community Docs. Also, reviewed the NetBeans 6.1 Java Editor RefCardz and more… check out the Nostalgia widget on my blog! Its a calendar embedded in this blog. Check out what all happened in the past 1 week.

This NetCAT Weekly Report #2, is my personal report on what I experienced during a particular week.
Its not related in any respect with NetCAT organisers.


Getting your basics right?


So, you use IDE, huh! Cool…isn’t it?

What do you like about an IDE?

Look and feel, code completion, auto-format, quick fixes, code templates, version system and loads of features!

Do you know, how to use them?

“Yeah, I do know many of them, its cool!”

This the most common answer, you would come across, generally from a user, who uses the Gen-Next IDE’s like NetBeans, Intelli J, Eclipse! Even I would say that 😉

Do you have clarity of the concepts?

Hmmm, good question!

So, you don’t, right? Anyways, lets talk about NetCAT, what happened yesterday night- I am participating in NetCAT 6.5, and a discussion that took place late night yesterday, really took me by surprise! Though, we almost concluded the discussion on a positive note, still I am waiting for the replies!

The Big Fight– NetBeans versus Intelli J IDEA

A guy at NetCAT started a thread on filing a RFE, he wants to have a feature similar to the one present in the Intelli J. Initially, I neglected the thread, until it became interesting and never ending! They did file a RFE, at Issuezilla!

NetCAT Mailing list

So, 4-5 people were responding to that thread, and 2 of them had an argument with me, on that issue. They were not able to justify their stand against me, until they sent some screen-shots. Now, everything looked crystal clear and they could very well, justify what they wanted from NB developers…phew 😉

Where’s the clarity of concepts?

Still, something was missing, what? Yeah, the clarity of concepts! How?

Well, one of the guys, who was really pushing this issue again, and again. Hats off, he really had patience and eventually after 30 mails or so, got things right…great 😉

Why 30 mails? Why not 1-2 mails?

I think every technical discussion, does boils down to one thing, concepts/basics. So, if you don’t get those right, you might suffer in the longer run! I am not saying that I am the expert, still what I have experienced (at academic, not industry level) in my last 4-5 years of programming…I’m sharing it with you!

What happened with Intelli J,

Actually, the image the person had sent, had a snapshot of Intelli J’s Java Editor, with Logical View of Project on the left. The code shows, when you use a pre-defined shortcut key, on a method invocation (which is an implementation of an interface method), the editor pop-up a code-completion like window with the list of classes that might have implemented that particular method. That’s ridiculous!

Java language, beautifully explains the concept of dynamic binding with the use of interfaces. So, I felt that Intelli J was contradicting the theory through the above said feature, as one can’t determine while coding, that which implementation JVM would bind the interface reference to. I think that confused the guy, who thought its a cool feature, while its not in such context.

See the comments for the strike-outs!

So, if he had clarity of the concepts, he would have filed a bug report at Intelli J community, then could have proposed a RFE at NetBeans Issuezilla, and the discussion would not have lasted 30 mails.

So, get your basics right, while you use an Integrated Development Environment…Its really important 🙂

and, NetBeans…

I had no issue with my IDE, untill the discussion reached 30th mail, and now I would vote for the RFE, which suggests that user should have an option to navigate to the implemented method, analogous to the concept of dynamic binding. Though, the RFE needs to be refined so as to make things clear for the developers and community!

Alas, its over, please go through the basics, before you indulge in such discussion! Thanks for your time and patience, for reading this post! Any comments are welcome 🙂

Updated | 31st July: Voted for RFE #142112 🙂

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Developer FAQ’s | Add To Update


Recently, I asked on OpenIDE mailing list, whether I could add my 2 documentations based on NetBeans Platform, which were basically focused on tweaking XML Layer, and maximizing usability.

I got a positive reply from Jesse, he added his suggestions along with the approval. So, now you could see my 2 docs getting added there.

See section on Actions– Last 2 docs are mine. Hope, you guys like it and make use of it as soon as possible, because something is gonna change this season, when you start developing with NetBeans Platform for Release 6.5!

Also, updated this FAQ as well, based on my recent experience I had with the reactivating opened windows, rememeber?

Cya Later!

RefCardz | NetBeans 6.1 Java Editor

The only IDE you need! You’ll find this reference card helpful if you want to get as much out of the Java editor as its authors intended when creating it. It lists all the keyboard shortcuts in carefully thought out categories and it provides a thorough exposition of optimal handling of Java code in the editor, covering viewing, navigation, source handling, and refactoring.

Features include Getting NetBeans IDE, Development with NetBeans IDE, Keyboard Shortcuts and, Code Templates, Quick Options Windows Overview, Hot Tips and more.

Being a Dream Team member, gave me the opportunity to review this RefCardz, before it was published. This is the first thing I did, after becoming Dream Team member, and I enjoyed every bit of it.

Lets take this opportunity to thank our beloved Geertjan and Patrick for all their hard work, they had put in for this, was fruitful!

Update: Jan 10, 2009

The NetBeans Java Editor Refcard has been updated to 6.5. Go here to download it. Based on a lot of useful comments received for the first release of this Refcard, which was for NetBeans IDE 6.1, several changes have been made.

NetBeans Rocking!

Day, full of news!


Today, the NetBeans Dream Team page was updated, and I am now one of them. Yes, I was invited to join the team, and had accepted the offer. So, here I am as a NetBeans Community Docs Contribution Coordinator and Dream Team Member!

Second, Jiri Kovalsky, the Liaison officer, Technical Community Manager and NetCAT 6.5 Coordinator. List is surely long and I am sorry If I missed something 😉

Highest Scorer

Today, he announced on demand of certain NetCAT participants, the points earned by every member. It was another shocker for me! I scored 83 points as of 25th July, 3:00 pm C.E.T.

Simply awesome! NetCAT has just completed 2 weeks, we are in for some more surprises, so wait till monday as I come out with 2nd edition of my own NetCAT weekly.

Summer Action Marathon continues…