Where’s the Traffic?


It came as a surprise, yes! I can’t see much traffic on Planet NB for the past 2 days. I had become addicted to its feeds. It has become an essential part of my virtual life. I just saw one post from Gj, while James is on a blogging streak 😉

Where’s community?

A dull start to the week, just as I said, and this blog entry is as useless as it can be. I am doing this just to come out of the boredom, which was caused over the past 2 days.

Though, I posted 1st entry of newly started blog series, yesterday. Still, there’s something missing.

What are you going to miss?

Sorry, but there’s no content for the 3rd NetCAT Weekly from my side. So, you have to wait for another week to see any updates, as new members would enter NetCAT.

What am I doing?

Just wait and watch, a rush of blogs to get out of my boredom 😐

Stay Tuned…