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Glad to know that you liked my blog and are interested to know, what all I have done for the NetBeans Community. This page is dedicated to what I learn, when I explore NetBeans!

Following is the Table of Contents section, that lists what in store for all of you and further below, its about the NetBeans IDE.

Table Of Contents –

Now, let us take a look at the sections on various aspects of my participation in this successful project.


The only IDE you need! Runs on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Solaris. NetBeans IDE is open-source and free.

What I like about NetBeans?

I am listing the features that I use since NB 6.0! First and foremost, it has to be Java SE, its editor support, key bindings, live code templates, debugging are just the icing over the cake 😉 Here are some more-

  1. Wrapping the Platform within the IDE without affecting the IDE, is an excellent job by developers over past few years.
  2. Context-aware functionalities, be it Actions (either on Nodes, Editor, Project etc.) or New File Wizards.
  3. NetBeans Platform (still I’m new into this, but liking it)- Reloading Target Instance (if its already running), i.e. AutoUpdate!
  4. Alt-F7 (Find Usages), Editor Fold utility, Alt-Shift-F (Auto Format), Ctrl-Shift-I, Alt-Insert and few more…
  5. NetBeans Config file- netbeans.conf
  6. Versioning support, its editor support.
  7. Plugin, Libraries Manager
  8. GUI Builder

List is still longer, I can’t remember any more features as of now. So, thats it for now!

What do I like most about the Community?

Documentation, mailing lists, community portal and cool website! Web Team doing a fantastic job, as well as, NetBeans Dream Team, as they are readily available on mailing lists. Prompt replies from experienced users is the best thing anyone can ask for.

Reading Books…

I was gifted the following books by people who have played an important role in my life and I thank (see Acknowledgements) them for letting me read these books, free of cost.

01 | Rich Client Programming: Plugging Into The NetBeans™ Platform

Thank you, James Branam

02 | Filthy Rich Clients: Developing Animated and Graphical Effects for Desktop Java™ Applications

Thank you, Bruno F. Souza

Thanks again!

Special Guests

This blog is close to my heart as I had never thought I would reach this far within 6 months (Apr-Sep 2008). So, to make the 100th post special, I had requested 5 people from Blogosphere to be my “Special Guest” and blog as a part of the countdown to the 100th post.

So, have a look at those special guests, Adam Bien, Gregg Sporar, Geertjan Wielenga, Fabrizio Giudici and James Branam.

Later on, I had invited Jiri Kovalsky to be my “Special Guest” during NetBeans Birthday Bash (Read following section).

Birthday Celebrations

Here’s a list of blogs I wrote to mark the celebration of the NetBeans 10th Birthday.

NetCAT 6.5 Participant

I had participated in NetCAT 6.5 and as it came to end, I wrote my final weekly report of NetCAT activities featuring results, ranking, greetings and blog summary. Also, there was a special of mention of this report in NetBeans Weekly Newsletter.

Finally, applauding NetCAT Coordinator and QA Team. Also, a week later QA Team said, “Thank you very much“.

Updated- Dec 06, 2008

To be Continued…

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