PHP Editor Hyperlinks Review

Yesterday, I posted about navigating from PHP webpage to Javascripts. Today, lets examine more hyperlinks in PHP files and webpages!

PHP Files…

Its demonstrated through following usecases;

Usecase #1

Suppose, following is my php file-

Don’t get into the technicalities of the code, I am still a novice in PHP development, though this is one of the files, I used to logout of a session, in my first and the last project 😉

Anyways, clicking on session_start, session_unregister (takes me to session.php) and sleep (takes you to standard.php).

Petr says,

“The session.php and standard.php files are our signature files, which contains just the function, class or variable signatures with appropriate phpdoc

Following snap, just shows the result of above clicking-

Usecase #2

This actually looks like a bug to me-

I think when I mouseOver require, then I should be taken to file where its defined, and when I mouseOver the URL inside the parantheses, then I should be navigated to that file. Right now, what happens is the following, I am taken to only one file, as it detects only 1 hyperlink, not 2

Petr agrees with this usecase, its indeed a bug!
Its fixed, enjoy

Usecase #3

If in the above image, you click on $connect in line #4, then you are taken to line #2, where its created and initialized.

PHP Webpages…

Have a look at the following usecases 1-2, they are presenting the usecase discussed yesterday, i.e. navigation from php to javascript.

Usecase #1

As you can see when I mouseOver that function, it shows a tooltip, which was not in other cases, strange! Clicking it takes you to the desired script.

Usecase #2

The above case is inconsistent, have a look at this-

When, I mouseOver showMessage(), nothing happens, also highlighting is different too, another bug! Hey, probably you might have made a mistake, check this out-

<!--use only lowercase attributes, not Camelcase, like
the one in the above image-->
<a onmouseover="javascript:showMessage();">

Now, It will work perfectly, as this is how the editor accepts the attributes, though no semantic errors are detected, this is strange! Is this a bug? OR a feature not yet implemented?

Petr says, “It is definitely a bug in html.”
Its fixed, enjoy 🙂

Stay Tuned for more updates…


Author- Varun Nischal

Reviewed by Petr Pisl, Tech Lead, PHP Support

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