Sortable Thread State

NetBeans Profiler

For a long time now, the NetBeans profiling tools have included the ability to monitor thread state. No instrumentation is done, so there is no overhead on the application that is monitored. Thread states have always been displayed in a color-coded bar graph-

You can scroll the time line to see the state of a thread at some point in the past, etc.

Overcoming a limitation…

That all works great and everything, but it has a limitation: it is not sortable. So a while back I wrote an IZ to request a tabular version of the thread state data. Jiří Sedláček (who blogs here) has recently implemented the feature and it is included in 6.5 Beta. Click the Table tab at the bottom of the window-

Now I can sort by thread name or by the amount of time that has been spent in one of the four thread states. 🙂

One last question…

The only remaining question is whether or not the percentage values should be shown in their own columns, which would allow sorting by percentage of time in addition to the current ability to sort by absolute value. Have an opinion? If so, please add a comment here.

Download the latest NetBeans IDE

Its available in NetBeans 6.5 Beta, also have a look at the latest release notes, as well as, the New and Noteworthy for in-depth information!

Thank you

So, this was Gregg Sporar for all of you, my second special guest blogger, who was invited to blog the 85th entry over here. Gregg, thank you so much 😀 We are really missing you… 😐

Gregg Sporar has been a software developer for over twenty years, working on projects ranging from control software for a burglar alarm to 3D graphical user interfaces. His interests include user interfaces, development tools, and performance profiling. He works for Sun Microsystems as a Technology Evangelist.

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