Reload in Target Platform | 65


We begin…How many of you write RCP Applications? MANY, right? 😉

NetBeans 6.1

So, you must have experienced in NetBeans 6.0/6.1 that when you create a NBM and right-click that project’s node to Install/Reload in Target Platform, to simulate the Module. Also, done by F6 or by using Toolbar Button. Anyways, sometimes it happens that, you accidentally make changes in code, while the Module was running. So, what does happen then, nothing to worry, the Module gets reloaded in the Target Platform. I have already blogged on that experience in July, you may continue reading here…

NetBeans 6.5

Now, a slight change in that, when you first run the Module, you can do it only pressing F6 or using Toolbar Button. Then, if you want to reload the Module, you have to right-click Project Node and select Reload in Target Platform (which is disabled by default), in its context menu.

This is the change I’m talking about, and if by mistake you press F6 or use Toolbar Button, then you would be prompted with a Message Dialog, giving you the Information about this change, in a graceful manner.

“Make your learning pluggable, use NetBeans Platform”