NetCAT 6.5 Weekly | Report #4

6.5 Beta is out

Just blogged about it, also its all over the blogosphere too! Have a look-

So, have fun, play with it and give proper feedback, as its your feedback that’s gonna make it the best IDE ever!

Note, as no report was presented last week. So, this automatically becomes the 4th edition, there’s no 3rd edition!

What I missed…

Nothing much, probably testing Compile on Save, Deploy on Save…Sorry, but I was busy developing modules these days. So, can’t test any Java application, as well as, Web Application.

What I did…

This time, I did a lot of things, basically testing documentations. I did them last week, but blogging about them today! Actually, I reviewed 2 VW JSF tutorials,

Getting Started with VW JSF
Developing a VW JSF Application

and, 4 PHP Tutorials (only 3 were up for review)-

Getting Started with PHP Development in NetBeans
Setting Up a PHP Project
NetBeans IDE for PHP Editor: Brief Overview

Yes, the other one was a tutorial based on creating a WordPress project using NetBeans, so I followed each and every step, executed it with ease.

Configuring NetBeans Project For WordPress

Though, had a solitary issue, which was conveyed to the concerned author.


Announced Dream Team latest contributed docs-

Also, had a special blog entry yesterday, by none other than Adam Bien!

This NetCAT Weekly Report #4, is my personal report on what I experienced during a particular week.
Its not related in any respect with NetCAT organisers.

Re-introducing 6.5 beta!


Now, as everybody has already introduced it, I will re-introduce it to you, as well as, to my blog!

Oops, its 6.1! Hey, it got re-introduced as well. Don’t you see the change in the banner…

Beauty, what a spectacle 😉 I am in love with it. Simply, irresistable! Amazing looks, great work by web team..Kudos 🙂

I am just awestruck, nothing more to say, just click on the above image, and you would directed to world, where “Development, gets Simplified“!

Download the latest NetBeans IDE

Its available in NetBeans 6.5 Beta, also have a look at the latest release notes, as well as, the New and Noteworthy for in-depth information!

enjoy Technology…