Community Docs and You!

Remembering the Titans…

I remember those days, when Amit had just started off as Coordinator of NB Community Docs Program, and it was just a mailing list, positive attitude, passion for NB that drove Amit and James to take the program past 100 docs, setup a blog, groups on Facebook and MySpace, what not?

It was just the beginning of an era, where you as community member got recognition, respect amongst others, as well as, interacted with the biggies of NB Community, like Geertjan, Jesse and Dream Team on mailing lists!

James and his fellow writers at our own mailing list, were equally supportive and helped in the growth of the program from time to time.

If you were not there,

I have come a long way, so has the program and you, an important part of the program, as a writer/contributor. Without whom, community wouldn’t have existed, problems would not have occurred, issues might not have been fixed, docs would not have been written to help fellow members, and I can keep goin’ on ‘n’ on, citing so many examples.

So much comfort, right…

Today, we lauched a weekly newsletter, and sort of started the next phase of the program. Few months back, we provided you so many facilities, Twitter, Technorati,, Feeds, etc. Now, you can do 1-time email subscription for weeklies.

So much comfort, right? Yes, its being done for you, and many other things would come up soon, so as to sustain your interest for community’s growth, as well as, for your good, too!

After all, it boils down to one thing- Community Docs is there because of your support, and kindness to help community strive forward to reach new heights.

Community Docs needs you!
Are you with me?

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