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This is an excerpt from a mail I got when I joined NetBeans Community, same day last year. So, its first anniversary of my involvement with the NetBeans Community.

Before Sep 26..

I had just started off blogging, and was getting used to this amazing technology, i.e. to maintain a log of anything you want to. Initially, due to excitement, started using it for various things, and finally, settling down with technologies, programming, etc.

It was my 5th semester, and I had no projects which involved C, C++, Java (A dull semester, isn’t It?). I have passion for programming, and I was craving to get my fingers running on keyboard, to start writing some code πŸ˜‰ As I had been doing for the past 3-4 years (School, University Level) So, I was looking for opportunities to continue to live with my passion.

Also, during that semester, winds of FOSS had started to blow in our university, and a Linux Club was formed, soon I became a member of this club, and learnt that Linux is an Operating System developed by a community of people (diverse culture, different time zones), distributed all over the world.

Sep 26, 2007

The day I came to know about Code for Freedom Contest and got registered. Then, I looked at the communities to choose from, and I selected NetBeans, as I knew about NetBeans only πŸ˜€

So, I went to register into the community, and then I got the mail I have shown you above. There’s one more section of that mail, interesting one!

Get Involved

There are many ways you can get involved in the
NetBeans project, from submitting screenshots, writing up a tip,
helping to moderate a mailing list, writing translations, right
through to bugfixing and contributing code. Β Learn how at

After Sep 26..

Few days later, I went to JNU Campus, New Delhi for my first ever FOSS Event visits, as a member of Linux Club (having minimal knowledge about Linux).

Talks on NetBeans, Virtual Box, Qt, etc. made me feel excited about Open Source. So, I thought I can make best use of this freedom I got, to do what I wanted to do, programming!

Joining LUG, visiting and participated in CFF, I had Gone with the Wind, and then, followed series of events that changed my life, and made me more aware of the technologies and the industry practices.

Code For Freedom

So, I looked for various ways as mentioned before, on how to contribute and as bug fixing, patches looked to be tough. I opted for writing documentation instead, it was not that easy for me, as it looked like initially.

It took me two months to get started with the contest and I wrote my first ever documentation, and then there was no looking back, as I grew in confidence while blogging about technologies, and participating in mailing lists, it helped me improve my writing skills.

NetBeans Community Docs, Weblogs

It seriously did, as I had to interact with so many professional people on mailing lists, so I had to be good at it, so as to express myself in a right manner.

Eventually, I became coordinator of community documentation project (NBCD), runner-up in an international blogging contest.

Along with James and Amit, we took this project way beyond everyone’s expectations. More information on my experience with this amazing documentation project, you may continue reading here-


Today, I still write 3 technology blogs, after leaving one of the blogs I had started off with.


You can have a look at my awards and achievements over the past 1 year, and all are related to my contribution to the NetBeans Project.

All of them are special, and to pick out some of them would be tough, still I would pick those, which were sort of decisions I had to take, which made my life-

I was asked to join NetBeans Community Docs Team, I was invited to join the NetBeans Dream Team, I had applied for NetCAT 6.5 and I took part in 2 International Blogging Contests.


I hold various positions in the community, I am Dzone’s Most Valued Blogger, NetBeans Community Docs Coordinator and NetBeans Dream Team Member.

Also, I celebrate my 1st year of being the community member, so as Roman Strobl used to say on NetBeans Podcasts, Happy NetBeaning!

Guys, its pleasure working with you all, and I would like to be a part of Open Source phenomena for the coming years as well. Time to get back on Wiki, Gmail and Blogging!

Welcome again and thanks for registering with!

NetBeans Community Docs Update

Hello all,

Its quite unusual to find an update over here, however I felt there’s already so much to blog at there, so you might miss out on some key information.

Team Expansion

Well there’s a phrase-“Fantastic Four and Bond, James Bond” , that came to my mind when James Branam, Program Manager blogged about the Evangelists. He writes-

The program is certain to benefit from their increased participation. I’m looking forward to working with them, and I have to say that with Varun, Amit, Kristian, and Aristides on board, we have one hell of a team.

So, that makes it Fantastic Four and surely, James Branam can be considered as Bond, James Bond πŸ˜‰

Blog Makeover

There were some structural changes made to the official blog, our program has. You would first of all, encounter the changes to the top, and right panel.


We had started publishing Weekly Newsletter, which are delivered by email too either on Monday/Tuesday every week.

No. of subscribers- 16 πŸ™‚

Too less, isn’t it? What are you waiting for? Its just a one-time email subscription

Social Networking

That must be your favorite part, right! It sure does, as reflected by number of members joined in our Facebook Group.

There are 86 members, amazing! Are you a member there? If yes, thank you so much. If not, do consider joining us and interacting with other contributors.

Then, there’s one on MySpace as well, yet we don’t have many people there, so how about joining that?


Today, we have 220 contributions. Amazing figure, thanks to the 2 consecutive record breaking months, which really propelled the growth. We are now going on a steady pace.

Apart from that, NetBeans Dream Team has been actively contributing, in form of Developer FAQ’s, Tips and Tricks, Spanish Tutorials, etc.

Significant Contributors

Diego E. Silva L., Hubert A. Klein Ikkink are the significant contributors who are non-DT members, whereas Aristides Villarreal Bravo is the only exception being a DT member and contributing significantly.

That’s all for today πŸ™‚

Software Freedom Day was OSUM!

Hello all,

As you know NetBeans Community celebrated Software Freedom Day on 20th September, 2008 and at some places (I am sure about India), local communities celebrating Software Freedom Week, which shall get over by this Friday.

Anyways, as I had told you numerous times, and would tell you again that I was a coordinator of JIIT Sun Club till few months back, and now I am just a member there. Last Saturday, our club also celebrated Software Freedom Day, and same day club was re-launched as JIIT OSUM (pronounced as “Awesome”). OSUM stands for Open Source University Meetup!

Coming Soon: More details, photos of the event..

So, I attended that ceremony and then the members of the club were called on stage to share their experiences they had over past 1 year as an Open Source enthusiast, as the new members of a new team JIIT OSUM introduced themselves before embarking onto various events lined up for the entire weekend.

Following day, i.e. Sunday- 21st,Β  I conducted yet another workshop on NetBeans Plugin Development, and I was more confident this time, enjoyed every bit of it. Audience were amazing, it was another computer lab, this time being conducted at my university.

So, even without a mic, everything went smoothly. The audience loved it, I loved it- what else do you want?

Anyways, continue to be a part of open source phenomena, as Code For Freedom is back!

“The contest that changed our lives”
– Angad Singh, Varun Nischal

Special Blog for NetBeans Community

100th Blog..

When I was asked to write the 100th blog entry for Varun‘s blog, I was honored. As a regular reader of this blog for a long time, I already knew howΒ  important it is for NetBeans Community, and by agreeing to contribute its 100th entry, I was provided with a wonderful opportunity to pay tribute to the blog and its owner, Varun Nischal. I could blog about a number of things, but I choose to blog about the one thing that connects Varun and me- the NetBeans Community Docs program.

NetBeans Community Docs

The NetBeans Community Docs program has been in existence since March of 2007. A number of community members have played important roles in the success of the program, and Varun has played an especially important role. Taking over as Contribution Coordinator from Amit Kumar Saha, Varun has taken the program to new heights and directions.

I know of no other community member more involved in the NetBeans Community than Varun, and this involvement has strengthened the relation between the Community Docs program and the NetBeans Dream Team of which Varun is a member.

It was under his guidance that Dream Team members became more active contributors. It was Varun who enlisted the help of Kristian Rink and Aristides Villarreal Bravo as evangelists.

And as contribution coordinator, Varun has presided over the three most successful months since the program’s inception. Well done, Varun πŸ™‚

What about the Future?

Looking forward, I see a bright future for the program and for Varun, a time will come, when Varun would want to move on to even bigger things and greater challenges, as any successful coordinator might.

Although someone else will try to fill the Varun’s shoes as Contribution Coordinator, it is certain to be difficult for anyone trying to match the dedication and enthusiasm, Varun has demonstrated since he first started in this position.

I personally hope that he will occupy the position for a very long time. I’m proud to work with Varun and to call him my friend.

Thank You

James Branam, he’s back with a bang for all of you. He’s indeed my final special guest blogger, who was invited to blog the 100th entry. He has transformed into an avid blogger over the years and currently blogs at his Sun blog and some more as well D

James, thank you so much! Its a wonderful feeling to have you blog over here… I will remember this for years to come. Also, would like to thank Adam, Gregg, Geertjan, Fabrizio for writing fabulous blogs!

James Branam is a technical writer for NetBeans web applications. He is also creator and manager of the NetBeans Community Docs program.

He’s helped me grow as an individual in this community, the belief he had in my work, made me more determined to attain success.

He’s been my Guru and would remain forever, no matter where I go and what I do in life. Thanks for believing in me and helping me out whenever it mattered the most!

RIA’s using PHP Support in NetBeans


I have been blogging less on this blog these days, however lets focus back on PHP support after last 2 weeks of silence on my blog, where I had blogged about the workshop I did, and special guest entry.


Rich Internet Applications, really? Yes, you’re right. I am talking about RIA’s, this is something new I am exploring these days. So, as I am already in process of creating a PHP Web Application, backed by MySQL Community Server bundled in XAMPP Web Stack.

Its not on a large scale, neither I am doing it for my college, its something I am using as a base to get back to PHP and that too, using NetBeans πŸ™‚ Support is getting better and better, what are you upto?

So, where’s RIA in my application? Hmmm, actually I came across this documentation last week, while preparing the 4th edition of weekly newsletter. So, I thought of implementing auto-completion, and some more effects I discovered while exploring some Ajax toolkits like, Dojo, jMaki, etc.


This is best thing that has happened to me, when I was writing my first ever PHP Web Application last year, for college project. I simulated some cool stuff using Ajax. They were named as (what my friends told me) Accordion, User Authentication, Feeds, Instant Reply, Highlighted Notifications…

I didn’t use any Toolkit at that time, as I didn’t have much time to explore. So, I did every possible thing, I can to get the above functionalities done, in quick time. You might not even like the structure of the application 😐 It became complex, no modularity and some more limitations.


So, coming back to my current project, I am planning to use Auto-complete, some Slide-up/down effects, in-place editing too. Lets see what happens, as I start off again after a gap of nearly 1 year.

Anyways, I am starting off with this documentation, which Petr Pisl and Troy Giunipero pointed out. By the way, I got a mail recently about some bug fixes, nice πŸ™‚ I will try out the latest build, and update my editor hyperlink review.