Article | Debug, don’t Run!


Why I wrote “Debug, don’t Run”? There lies the simplest of reasons, I am working on my internship project, and I was writing an algorithm to map PUBLIC_ID -> URI, read EntityCatalog for more info.

The idea present over there, lets a user to register a PUBLIC_ID in System Filesystem, same way I can retrieve the existent PUBLIC_ID from there.

Why not Run?

While creating the algo, I wrote a method, which would be invoked by the master method (which runs the algo), that would let me replace Whitespaces with Underscores!

I thought it looked good, eye-catchy, sleek, compact and nice utility. Though, when I ran the NBM, it choked, because of that method which ran into infinity.

Do Debug!

I didn’t knew what happened, made changes in rest of the code, thinking it to be fine, as it looked compact…Then, I realised to Debug it, to find the problem, and to my surprise, that sleek, compact looking method was the main cause!


I used to do a lot of debugging in C++/Java Applications, Database Applications (JDBC-enabled), I’m still new to NetBeans Platform, trying to learn as much as possible!

Always Remember…

So, always keep in mind, to debug umpteen times, before you get things right, it will surely save you a lot of time, and debug your programming practices too!