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What happens when you developed a module, and test it by Install/Reload in Target Platform? New instance of NetBeans Target Platform starts running with your module installed in it.

Though, the statusbar in the IDE, shows a name to the left of the progress bar, which is something like org.netbeans.modules.something (reload)

Ever thought, why its reload, not install? Think after you read this blog.


Why does every discovery occurs by accident? Yes, another accident lead to a discovery. When this instance is running, you could do changes in your code, and Run F6, this reloads the already running instance. So, no need to stop the build, and rebuild to run! Make changes, whether drastic OR not, it would reload, saving a lot of time.


I was testing one of my recently contributed tutorials at Community Docs, and while making some changes, I forgot there’s already an instance that’s running, and I accidentally Press F6, thinking that there would be 2 Target Platform’s running, apart from Development Platform, where I made changes. To my surprise, there was only single Target Platform running, which just got reloaded within few seconds. Isn’t it cool?

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