XML Hyperlink Project Update


I blogged about How to Hyperlink XML Layer, with the bit update on my project as well. So, DTD file, if exists, got opened when I click on ARGUMENT, opening TAG Token Id’s, like <filesystem><file name=””></file></filesystem>

See the italics and bold faced text, they are hyperlinked. So, clicking them I am directed to the apt DTD file within the IDE. Earlier what happened, when I clicked the links again, file which is actually a TopComponent opened as Editor Window, was not requesting focus.

Navigation got smarter

However, now its working…If I click umpteen times, I will be directed to the doc same no. of times. You can get to see this feature in the Revamped Hyperlink Navigation Tutorial, based on a tutorial. I have developed a plugin for that for the time being, though expect the plugin to get updated soon.

NetBeans API’s (Lexer API) rocks!

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