NetBeans Quiz | Begins!

Are you ready to take on this quiz – – Its the NetBeans Quiz, basically a “fun tech quiz” which tests your skills on various programming practices supported by NetBeans…

Contest had started since 14th April, 2008. On Monday, they would be out with their Third edition of Weekly Quizzes as well.

On the homepage of the website, you would encounter following sections, which are beautifully presented…..great work!

Sections are –

  1. Weekly Quiz Timeline
    Shows you the dates of the current, upcoming quizzes, as well as the Grand Finale.
  2. Your Guide To Win Prizes
    Read the FAQ’s
  3. Prize of The Week

If you want to be the lucky one and win one of the coolest prizes ever, this summer! If you turn to be the lucky one, then see your name here.

Week 1 –
Aditya Goteti, Prize: Apple iPod Touch 16GB

Best of luck & Happy NetBeaning!

NetBeans Quizzes – brought to you by NetBeans Guru!

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2 thoughts on “NetBeans Quiz | Begins!

  1. quiz is great fun…………..
    i love doing it…………………..
    this site so userfriendly and i love this site for quiz as for my knowledge this the the best site i have seen ever……..

    and i hope it will continue the same….

    wish you the best of luck

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