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As I hold told ya two weeks back, that my blog got 1110 hits in 1 Month! During past 16 days, to be precise – I have got nearly 900 hits!

Blog is still going stronger day-by-day, so what are ya waiting for? Add it to your blogroll, subscribe my feeds OR post a comment/suggestion to me…

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Beta to FCS | Cloning continues…


When NetBeans 6.1 Beta was released, I saw Mercurial in-built support, and after using it for sometime, I feel it is really amazing. However, my first reaction (somewhat negative) was expressed in my other blog, where I discussed about the Past, Present and Future of NetBeans Sources!

Here are few blogs which I did related to Mercurial;

This year in April, I had made a clone of main repos of NB 6.1 Beta sources. Yesterday, I did it again for cloning a fresh repos, i.e. for NB 6.1 FCS. I am looking forward to explore the source code, this time which would help me making an efficient, stable module, which could be really useful too!

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NetBeans Quiz | What’s New | 4

Only God knows, what happened… Am I blogging too fast OR too slow?

This bi-weekly series is brought to you by me, and Its been 11 days, since I blogged about 3rd edition of this series and still Quiz 7 is running…

Week 6 –
Winner: Prashant Fauzdar, Prize: Nokia E 61i Mobilephone

May be, I blogged a bit early last time, anyways… A quick reminder to you all, you still be a part of these quizzes, just download Quiz Plugin from Plugin Manager using NetBeans IDE and participate in the current, as well as, any pervious quizzes that you might have left out.

Just follow the instructions and read the rules, everything would go smoothly and eventually fall in place.

NetBeans Quizzes – brought to you by NetBeans Guru!

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Hello all,

Six weeks have gone by, since I started blogging here… Its been great and I look forward to make it even more beautiful, also invoking interest in you guys, who visit my blog regularly.

Just a few reminders and a flashback;

I had started some blog series over here, also I am participating in blog contest, Sun Students Reviews.

Started reviewing from a programmer’s perspective, which is a better IDE, NetBeans OR dotNet.

Blog listing in Planet NetBeans – Blogosphere!

Bi-weekly report on NetBeans Quizzes!

If I missed out anything, I will update this post soon. Also, started off my Summer Training and working on some exciting projects.

I will mention every possible bit I could, till then have a nice day!

eNjoy Technology…

dotNet – Code Completion – NetBeans

Code Completion, Intellisense…

These are some jargons which I came across, when I started working on C# using Visual Studio 2003 .NET! It was then I got familiarize with Intellisense.

At that time, it looked like the coolest thing which a developer could have ever dreamt of. I was adept at using Turbo C/C++ Borland IDE, before switching over to .NET temporarily.

I would never ever thought in my wildest of dreams, that I would come across such brilliance. During that time, I came across another IDE, NetBeans 5.5, as I was not happy to use J# supported by .NET, it was really disappointing! So, I tried various softwares before finalizing NetBeans for my 1st ever Java-based project.

I tried JCreator and Eclipse before trying out NetBeans. The reason why I not choose Eclipse isn’t relevant to discuss here. If you have interest in reading about it, refer to my NetBeans Testimonial (see Varun Nischal).

dotNet –

Till date, I have never regretted using Intellisense, which is beautifully supported by .NET Framework, its really excellent tool to use, sometimes I make switch to dotNet, just to use this feature, which really helps me code fast and intelligently.

NetBeans –

They named it Code Completion, I used to regret using it and it was so slow too, while Intellisense was quick! Over the past 1 year, with the release of NetBeans 6.0 and 6.1, there has been tremendous improvement, esp. 6.1 which has really improved a lot! Latest performance enhancements have lead to smarter parsing, which enables faster code completion. So, they are moving in the right direction.

Current Status –

I recently used dotNet 2008, I was really surprised that they too have improved speed of the Intellisense, its fast and furious…
Even though, NetBeans have shown improvement in that context, still there’s some distance left to cover, before they can give competition to Intellisense.

Note –
These are my views, as programmer and its upto you to take it seriously or not, but during this series of blogs, I won’t be bias, yet would be fair to both. Its not meant to degrade certain IDE’s image.

eNjoy Technology…

This is being submitted for review to the blogging contest – Student Reviews NetBeans 6.1 and OpenSolaris!
Author – Varun Nischal, University – JIIT University

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