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During NetCAT, I got a chance to review PHP support, although I had opted for it before-hand, still I just got started last week.

You can read my 4th edition of personal NetCAT Weekly Report. So, Tony and Yudi, reviewed it in early days of NetCAT 6.5, while I was reviewing VW JSF tutorials.

Kickstarter- WordPress Tutorial

Now, some of them are working, though I gave my personal opinions, what I felt after reviewing. By the way, it was Jan Chalupa’s WordPress Project Tutorial, that got me started finally to review PHP docs and editor support, etc.

WordPress Tutorial was a smooth sail…So, was the editor-guide. Though, I found 2-3 issues, reported them to the authors. The guides, as well as, relevant docs are updated for 6.5 Beta! Execute them, review and give feedback, on their mailing list-

Finally, I don’t have to maintain two projects, 1 on Dreamweaver and the other on NetBeans EA for PHP, remember?

Another Surprise!

Yesterday, I downloaded the Java bundle, and couldn’t find PHP support in the Plugin Manager, though I was used to download PHP support during NetCAT on daily builds. This time around, you need to download it separately, as a PHP bundle, which was available earlier too. Still, I got a habit of downloading it through Plugin Manager, in a Java bundle installation.

Anyways, what to do? After all, Habits diehard 😉


This is the reference section, have a look-


Learning Trails-

Quick Start-

sTay Tuned for more…

Early Access for PHP!


Well, one would be if he/she is not a regular visitor of NetBeans Community, Forums, Blogosphere, etc. Today, I saw a post on PlanetNetBeans, actually I’m a regular visitor, and go there on a daily basis, to get to know something new and then, explore it.

The post came from Adam Myatt’s Weblog, who mentioned about the release of NetBeans 6.1! Finally, the blazing NetBeans is out!

Booting improved by 40%, thats why it doesn’t launch when we run nb.exe, it boots and that too, at a blazing speed.

So, I visited the downloads section and after nearly 5 months, NetBeans 6.0 has been moved into the Archive section.

I was shocked to see a new bundle (Early Access for PHP – NetBeans Bundle), available for download.

So, I downloaded it and exploring it what its all about. Its been given an interesting name “Early Access for PHP”, I wonder what Development Team meant by that.

Anyways, you also try it out and see what its all about, don’t miss to read the release notes, they are important. Till then, enjoy NetBeaning!

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