Reviewing NetBeans Book

This year, I received an email from Packt Publishing, inviting me to review one of the books based on NetBeans IDE, Java EE 5 Development with NetBeans 6. I was quite excited about this opportunity and after exchanging few mails with their Market Research Executive, accepted the invitation.

After nearly 2 months, I was able to finish reading the book and here’s my review of the book. Read it carefully and I feel you would enjoy reading the book as I did, because of its easy reading style and effectiveness of communicating complex topics.

Stay tuned..


Woodstock Migrates to ICEfaces


Today, NetBeans Team announcing a joint effort between NetBeans and strategic partner ICEsoft to offer support for Woodstock users. With the latest ICEfaces-NetBeans Plugin, Woodstock users will be able to migrate and maintain their existing projects, and ICEfaces has provided a detailed porting guide to explain the process.

For more details and resources, check out this News Item;

Happy NetBeaning!

VW JSF and Woodstock | NetBeans 6.5


Nice to see the August build has a better support for VW JSF with Woodstock Components. It was a disappointing experience during last 2 weeks of July, since NetCAT began.

Features like On-Demand Binding Attribute were not working, syntax highlighting was not good, as well as, Deploy on focus.

Although, new feature Deploy on Save was announced, yet when I tested some July builds, they were deploying when either the JSP/Backing Bean got focus in Editor.

Tutorial | Getting Started with Visual Web JSF

This tutorial was up there for review at NetCAT, though needed some minor changes in the content, rest was fine. Tutorial was very good to really get started. Though, July builds were not satisfactory at least in this domain.

Recently, 29th July build raised some hopes, yet it was not on a good note, as I got a recurring exception, while editing. It was really annonying, though the support was better, still this exception was unwanted.

Today, I downloaded the 080801 Build and finally, I could see everything working smoothly. Thank God!

Also, special thanks to the NetCAT QE Team to get all the issues fixed quickly.

Now, I am loving the support πŸ˜‰ Deploy-on-Save is an excellent feature to have. Glad, I am able to work smoothly without any hassles.

NetBeans 6.5 VW JSF support looking great…stay Tuned for more…

taT | Sort Key and Woodstock

Have you used PluginPortal, you might not have realised but its a JSF Web application. I am using the portal for the past 6 months, and never thought of this.

Anyways, I have been recently working with JSF 1.2 with Woodstock Components, and as I see James blogging some tips and Tricks these days. So, I thought of doing the same.

PluginPortal Users

Firstly, I will ask you something, if you have submitted any plugins, you would see your My Plugins section, once you logged in.

Table is shown, and recently I saw it has a sortable header, when I click it either it arranges plugin’s info in descending/ascending order.

How do we get that?

Now, how do we get this feature in your web application. If you have any Tabular component in your application, then select any column and goto Properties Window (Ctrl+Shift+7), there would see a property sort under section Data.

When you enter a unique ID (Sort Key),

the changes that took place in JSP is the following attribute gets added-

OR, you could have added this attribute yourself in JSP, and when you switch to Design View, and changes are reflected with the sort header icon present in the respective column.

Well, I had stopped blogging on weekends, but I couldn’t resist, so see this as well as, upcoming blogs and have fun πŸ˜‰

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