NetCAT 6.5 Weekly | Report # 6

Scripting on a roll…

I am developing a PHP Web Application, it feels good to be back at using PHP, thanks to the Team behind PHP Support, for letting me work on one IDE, instead of two for creating such an app.

What I missed…

Hahaha, again an awesome week. I didn’t miss anything, or did I?

What I did…

After the reviews, it was time to file bugs… Good news is that, they were few. So, how you would know, which bugs I filed, when we have an Issuezilla. Well, its not that easy for a general user to actually find bugs filed by a particular member. I don’t know about you? But, if you do know it, post a comment over here.

Anyways, I filed following bugs, man some of them got fixed so quickly, that I had to look into my mailbox archive, to dug out some of them. Why? Actually, when bugs filed by a user get fixed, they are not visible in My Issues, which is different for every user.

01 | Inconsistence behavior recognizing Javascript functions in PHP Webpages (This got fixed)

02 | Error in Hyperlink Detection when I mouseOver functions “require” and “include”

03 | Code Completion includes unused Javascripts methods

04 | String Break

See, they were few. There were some more which got fixed, but not required to be mentioned here, as they were reported by using Exception Reporter. So, some were already fixed earlier, and some got fixed by yesterday. The one’s reported by me. There were 2-3 reports. All were fixed.

So, they are obviously not showstoppers, but yes they can be a necessity, in longer run. Hey, did I mention, its going to be out as FCS for the first time. So, its an excellent effort by the team. These were the bugs, and enhancement(s), I felt while creating my PHP Web App.

Check this out for more info on my blog-


I shared my project idea with the community, and asked for their feedback. I got more than what I expected and still await some more.

Geetjan Wielenga was the 3rd guest on my blog!

This NetCAT Weekly Report #6, is my personal report on what I experienced during a particular week.
Its not related in any respect with NetCAT organisers.

NetCAT | PHP Editor Hyperlinks Review

Few days back, I posted about navigating from PHP webpage to Javascripts. Today, lets examine more hyperlinks in PHP files and webpages!

PHP Files…

Its demonstrated through following usecases;

Usecase #1

Suppose, following is my php file-

Don’t get into the technicalities of the code, I am still a novice in PHP development, though this is one of the files, I used to logout of a session, in my first and the last project πŸ˜‰

Anyways, clicking on session_start, session_unregister (takes me to session.php) and sleep (takes you to standard.php).

Petr says,

“The session.php and standard.php files are our signature files, which contains just the function, class or variable signatures with appropriate phpdoc

Following snap, just shows the result of above clicking-

Usecase #2

This actually looks like a bug to me-

I think when I mouseOver require, then I should be taken to file where its defined, and when I mouseOver the URL inside the parantheses, then I should be navigated to that file. Right now, what happens is the following, I am taken to only one file, as it detects only 1 hyperlink, not 2

Petr agrees with this usecase, its indeed a bug!

Usecase #3

If in the above image, you click on $connect in line #4, then you are taken to line #2, where its created and initialized.

PHP Webpages…

For complete details, like bug reports and more usecases, you need to refer the frequently updated doc-
Reviewed by Petr Pisl

Coming soon…

More editor-hyperlink’s usecases would be added there, so keep an eye on my blog, for updates!

stay Tuned for more acTion πŸ˜‰

NetCAT 6.5 Weekly | Report #5

Scripting the IDE

Don’t be surprised, actually I am reviewing the PHP for past week or so, and really having a good time πŸ˜‰

Also, do visit the official PHP support blog-

What I missed…

Nothing much, finally I did everything I had to do πŸ™‚ Actually, I missed one thing, when Jiri Kovalsky updated the scores, I was at 171, probably now I see the after effects of missing in past weeklies.

What I did…

PHP and only PHP, also had a survey to fill up, did that as well. It was related to current Editor Support, and some NetCAT Members got invite to fill that up, I was the lucky one too πŸ˜‰

Continuing from where I left in the previous weekly. I would say, I joined php users mailing list, interacted with Petr Pisl, discussed some issues!

Check this out for more info on my blog-

PHP Editor Hyperlinks

Yesterday, I had setup this page, basically reviewing PHP Editor Hyperlinks. As you probably know by now, that I had posted 2 days back on navigation from PHP to Javascripts, that has lead to me write that page. I got it reviewed by Petr Pisl today. I have added his comments in between the content, along with various usecase’s I could come across.

Have a look, and comment if you like!


Article by JamesNetBeans Community Docs (200 and counting)

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This NetCAT Weekly Report #5, is my personal report on what I experienced during a particular week.
Its not related in any respect with NetCAT organisers.

PHP | Interesting Bundle


During NetCAT, I got a chance to review PHP support, although I had opted for it before-hand, still I just got started last week.

You can read my 4th edition of personal NetCAT Weekly Report. So, Tony and Yudi, reviewed it in early days of NetCAT 6.5, while I was reviewing VW JSF tutorials.

Kickstarter- WordPress Tutorial

Now, some of them are working, though I gave my personal opinions, what I felt after reviewing. By the way, it was Jan Chalupa’s WordPress Project Tutorial, that got me started finally to review PHP docs and editor support, etc.

WordPress Tutorial was a smooth sail…So, was the editor-guide. Though, I found 2-3 issues, reported them to the authors. The guides, as well as, relevant docs are updated for 6.5 Beta! Execute them, review and give feedback, on their mailing list-

Finally, I don’t have to maintain two projects, 1 on Dreamweaver and the other on NetBeans EA for PHP, remember?

Another Surprise!

Yesterday, I downloaded the Java bundle, and couldn’t find PHP support in the Plugin Manager, though I was used to download PHP support during NetCAT on daily builds. This time around, you need to download it separately, as a PHP bundle, which was available earlier too. Still, I got a habit of downloading it through Plugin Manager, in a Java bundle installation.

Anyways, what to do? After all, Habits diehard πŸ˜‰


This is the reference section, have a look-


Learning Trails-

Quick Start-

sTay Tuned for more…

NetCAT 6.5 Weekly | Report #4

6.5 Beta is out

Just blogged about it, also its all over the blogosphere too! Have a look-

So, have fun, play with it and give proper feedback, as its your feedback that’s gonna make it the best IDE ever!

Note, as no report was presented last week. So, this automatically becomes the 4th edition, there’s no 3rd edition!

What I missed…

Nothing much, probably testing Compile on Save, Deploy on Save…Sorry, but I was busy developing modules these days. So, can’t test any Java application, as well as, Web Application.

What I did…

This time, I did a lot of things, basically testing documentations. I did them last week, but blogging about them today! Actually, I reviewed 2 VW JSF tutorials,

Getting Started with VW JSF
Developing a VW JSF Application

and, 4 PHP Tutorials (only 3 were up for review)-

Getting Started with PHP Development in NetBeans
Setting Up a PHP Project
NetBeans IDE for PHP Editor: Brief Overview

Yes, the other one was a tutorial based on creating a WordPress project using NetBeans, so I followed each and every step, executed it with ease.

Configuring NetBeans Project For WordPress

Though, had a solitary issue, which was conveyed to the concerned author.


Announced Dream Team latest contributed docs-

Also, had a special blog entry yesterday, by none other than Adam Bien!

This NetCAT Weekly Report #4, is my personal report on what I experienced during a particular week.
Its not related in any respect with NetCAT organisers.