New Year, New Beginning!

For the past few days, I have been receiving mails, lots of them from friends, relatives and mailing lists, with their greetings for the new year.. I replied, forwarded and even chatted (with some) to greet them for vacation break and new year..


I even saw Amit and James blogging about how the year 2008 was, as they wait to see newer challenges in the near future..

Indeed, today its a New Year, New Beginning! So, expect the unexpected.. As I take you down my memory lane, to recapture some of the defining moments of my life this year..

Well, I missed blogging yesterday as I was busy preparing for a written exam that took place yesterday, before I could celebrate the new year.. Actually, this was my 8th (incl. of viva’s, presentations, exams) in almost 4 weeks time 😉

Started with Emails..

2008 was an amazing year, so many up’s and down’s. It can’t get better than this..

Mails, Contests, T-shirts and DVDs..

I started off this year writing mails to and organizing events for JIIT Sun Club (later transformed into JIIT OSUM).

Soon, I shifted focus on competitions like Code For Freedom and NetBeans Innovator Grants.. succeeding in former one as NetBeans Community Significant Contributor and failing in the qualifying stages of the latter one 🙂

Also, I received some NetBeans T-shirts, some 6.0 DVDs for distribution and the rewards for above achievements.

Coordinator, Blog Contest and Dream Team..

Of course, how can I forget being appointed as Contribution Coordinator in May and tasting success along with some hiccups..

Also, during tough times I managed to come close to winning an international blog contest, though I ended as a runner-up 😛

Then, an interview on my way to rising from ashes, made me feel good as I looked forward to more opportunities..

I feel lucky to have got the opportunity of becoming a NetBeans Dream Team Member, I am probably the youngest member of the team and still undergraduate 😉

Reviews, Judgements, NetCAT and Projects..

While I joined “NetBeans Dream Team”, I reviewed “Dzone RefCardz”, judged some of the “NetBeans Innovator Grant” projects and qualified for participation in the “NetCAT Program” for the first time ever and it was an amazing experience..

Probably, this was the year I wouldn’t like to remember for the university and few other projects that involved coding as I couldn’t complete even a single project the whole year.. Strange!

I came close to finishing them all, but somehow circumstances forced me not to go further.. Simultaneously, I shifted focus from writing mails to blogging and as already mentioned, I was the runner-up at one of the contests as I looked for more..

NetBeans Birthday, Recognition and More…

NetBeans Birthday Week” was something I will remember for a long, long time.. As I got recognized once again when “NetBeans Community Docs Program” got fully deserved recognition..

On the final day, I was looking forward to see the webpage dedicated to acknowledge people involved with NetBeans Project since its inception..

I was in for a surprise, as I saw my name amongst the list of outstanding community members for my leadership in “NetBeans Community Docs Program”..

Ended with Exams..

Coming back to yesterday’s exam, I was preparing for it for quite some time and indeed, its the first time that my friends from other colleges are on vacation, while I am still having classes the entire month of December, 2008..

Anyways, it will get over soon as I look forward to my internship at an Indian IT company this January.. There’s lot more coming up, stay tuned to my blog, as of today its a New Year, New Beginning!

Happy New Year

Announcing VOC Captains!


You remember last week, Jiri Kovalsky made an announcement on nbusers mailing list. He had come up with an interesting initiative and invited NetBeans Community Members to take part in it.

However, yesterday the VOC Captains as the selected members would be called were announced on nbusers mailing list. Here’s the post for you;

Hello NetBeans community,

I am very pleased to announce that according to the plan VOC captains were selected yesterday. The 3 representatives are: Annabel Melongo from Cameroon, Tushar Joshi from India and Michel Graciano from Brazil. I am sure they will take their new role seriously and that NetBeans users will soon recognize their work and influence.

If you are interested in the next steps, the team will soon have a kick-off online meeting in order to fine tune certain operational details and the official start of the VOC process is expected in January.

So, congratulations Annabel, Tushar and Michel!

Best regards,

All the best, VOC Captains!
Good luck 🙂

The day I began writing docs…


You have all seen me blogging for more than a year now. Some people call me crazy, avid, passionate and/or highly active (hyper-active) blogger 😉 Then, there were some who didn’t even bother reading my blogs OR commented negatively.

I never mind as I blog because I had developed an interest in it which made me passionate for blogging. Too, it helped me improve my writing skills, as last year I was new to blogging.

You might be surprised to know, but I was runner-up in an International Blogging Contest (June, 2008). Also, for the past several months, I have been writing 3 blogs… 🙂

2007- 13th Dec

I started writing my first ever documentation for the community. I had no experience in writing at such level. By the time, I finished writing the document using their online wiki engine, it was midnight. Yes, Dec 14th– my birthday. So, coincidentally, I wrote my first ever documentation on my birthday 🙂 I realized this fact few days back while restructuring the community contributed docs archive!

2008- 1st May

I became NetBeans Community Docs (Contribution) Coordinator and I was feeling lucky to have got this opportunity to showcase my skills to the world through this wonderful platform. I thought its going to be easy, as I had closely followed Amit (K. Saha) while he was holding this position.

When I actually stepped into his shoes, they were really big. So, I realized, even though it looked very easy from contributor’s perspective, it isn’t. I had a tough time initially, when I invited people and they never responded.

Then, came a rough patch from May 22nd (since we reached 150 docs), I was finding it difficult to get new people to contribute. James (Branam) got a blogger whose 2 blog entries were converted to docs, initiating the counter for the month of June.

Entering final week of June, still 4 docs up there. It was definitely not a good position to be in. Around the same time, I was creating NetBeans Module (along with Jay) to take snapshots from within the IDE. I had to tweak the XML Layer a lot for registering Actions.

This made me write 8 docs (record was held for 5 months) within 3 days and contributed them on single day within that week. Position looked much better than it was and we had now got 12 docs. Still, 2-3 days were left and I interacted with my fellow blogging contest participants to contribute docs, they did.

Eventually, we ended up having 16 docs 😉 It was like rising from the ashes. I think I really did that, as this made me more determined and dedicated to help the community, as well as the project to strive forward. Along with James, we took the program to new heights. 150-200 in just 2 months!

2008- 13th Dec

Yesterday, I started making this post, and by the time I ended publishing it, it was midnight. I hope you might have realized by know, that its my birthday today. I am 21 years old 😉

I had a wonderful year with NetBeans Community Docs Program, beginning as an active poster on their mailing lists, contributing documentations and finally, becoming Coordinator.

I have been maintaining a web page since April, where I have listed all the events that took place since I took over the position on May 1st. Its actually much more than that, it has complete information of how I got started and what all happened. Initiatives that I took, launching newsletters, exclusive interview and lot more.

Thank You!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank NetBeans Community Docs Team, NetBeans Dream Team Members, NetCAT Participants, Sun Technical Writers, as well as Engineers and Heroes (i.e. everyone who has contributed a documentation) for their love & support.

I really appreciate all those wonderful comments/compliments I got from community members for my services. Special thanks to James Branam and Amit K. Saha.

Voice of Community


You know what, Jiri Kovalsky made an announcement yesterday on nbusers mailing list. He has come up with an interesting initiative and invites you to take part in it. So, I have added the mail contents in this entry and you may read it as follows;

Hello NetBeans Community,

Did you know that more than half a million people are subscribed to mailing lists? It’s obviously a lot of feedback. In addition to that many people write about NetBeans via blogs, forums and other modern channels. We have implemented NetCAT programs 4 years ago to cover stabilization phase of NetBeans development. But we want more.

Today we are introducing a brand new process called Voice of Community. Our goal is to further improve the way we listen to our userbase and take the input even more seriously. However, since this initiative is about community, we are looking for 2 passionate community members who would cooperate on this with us. Let’s call them VOC Captains! 🙂

If you find this idea interesting, don’t hesitate and let us know about you  via an application form which is accessible from the Wiki page. The form will  stay opened until next Monday – 12/15.

Thank you very much,

Jiri Kovalsky
Technical Community Manager

So, are you the Voice of Community?

Learning Top 10 NetBeans API’s


Are you following the Top 10 NetBeans API’s (Series of Screencasts) by Geertjan Wielenga, Technical Writer, Sun Microsystems.

The following screencasts introduce you to the main NetBeans APIs, why you would use them, and how to get started doing so.

Top 10 NetBeans API’s

Guys, get started with NetBeans Platform in the easiest way possible, I am learning a lot and ofcourse, you will too 😉 Give it a shot 🙂

Greatest Hits || Runner Ups

Happy NetBeaning!