James Gosling, NBDT Honorary Member

I was wondering whether to blog this or not. However, I felt its important the NetBeans Community must know this. Last month at JavaOne, Sven Reimers who received Duke’s Choice Award, inducted James Gosling into the NetBeans Dream Team Wall of Fame. Thank you so much!

Sven Reimers and James Gosling, members of NetBeans Dream Team

Netbeans Dream Team Honorary Members

Honorary members are previous Dream Team members who opted out. They must be a Dream Team member for a continuous year before they are Honorary Members. They reserve the right to be a Dream Team guest at any time. The do not reserve the right to use the Dream Team logo in future works. They do not receive any software, hardware, clothing, or other material benefits which may or may not be given to Dream Team Members.

Other News

I have setup a new blog for my experimental work, I like to carry out either with NetBeans Platform or any other technologies. I will be announcing it tomorrow.

Stay tuned..