Jazoon ’10 | Call for Papers

After successful exhibitions in 2007 and 2008, Jazoon’09 drew a record 1,100 participants from 37 countries. Now, we’re currently seeking sponsors and exhibitors to take part in Jazoon’10.


Starting today the clock is running towards the submission deadline for the Jazoon’10 Call for Papers. Java and Open Source Experts from all over the world are called upon to actively participate in the steering of the program of Jazoon’10.

Proposals for short (20 minutes) and long talks (50 minutes) can be submitted within the scope of the technical sessions until 3 February 2010. Presentations can be held individually or together with a co-speaker. Speakers profit from preferential terms – details to be found here. Proposals for Jazoon Rookie (20 minutes) can be submitted until 4 April 2010. Participating criteria and benefits can be found here.

Other News

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Jazoon ’09: James Gosling is coming!

James Gosling’s only 2009 European appearance

Jazoon is very proud to have James Gosling deliver the opening Keynote of Jazoon’09 in Zurich, Switzerland, in 10 days. This is your only chance to meet him in Europe in person this year and to directly hear his latest news.

So if you missed JavaOne this year, attend Jazoon’09 and benefit from inside information and updates, but also get latest news about the future of Java. We all know that there are major changes coming up and that’s why you should attend Jazoon’09 to stay current.

Besides James Gosling, Jazoon’09 features many other interesting speakers from the Java world including Neal Ford, Ivar Jacobson, Adrian Colyer and Danny Coward. As a special guest we are pleased to announce Linda Cureton, CIO of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Goddard Space Flight Center in the USA. She will deliver the Jazoon’09 closing Keynote.

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Jazoon ’09: Recent Developments in Java

Eagerly waiting to know what’s latest in Java industry, right? You might have subscribed through email for latest feeds from many leading websites. How about attending an event and in return, getting all you want to know about the recent developments in the Java industry.

Jazoon Cutting Edge

If you are interested in the latest topics on Java don’t miss Jazoon Cutting Edge .
These 20 minutes (incl. Q&A) talks address the most recent developments in the Java industry.

Selection by program chair, mainly based on expected interest and availability of slots.

All the best, guys!

Jazoon ’09: Rookies, where are you?

I am pretty late to announce this, however its still worth a read.. Jazoon Rookie Submissions Deadline got extended and you can now submit by 15th March, 2009 .

Hurry up, you still got more than a week to submit your proposal for Europe’s first Java Young Developer Speaker Competition . Here’s a quick review of the contest and benefits the winners will get.

Participation criteria ;

  • Aged 26 or younger (on 22 June 2009)
  • 20 minutes technical talk
  • Submission Deadline: 15 March 2009

Companies are invited to assist their Jazoon Rookies.

Procedure ;

  • Submit until 15 March 2009
  • Program Committee selects the top 10 submissions
  • Jazoon Rookies record a part of their talk on video and submit it
  • Voting of the videos
  • Top 3 Jazoon Rookies will be invited to Jazoon’09, where they present their 20 minutes talk to the audience and Jury (incl. Q&A)
  • Audience and Jury evaluate the talks and select the winner

Benefits ;

  • Free invitation to Jazoon’09
  • Free Conference pass
  • Free Travel and accommodation to attend Jazoon’09
  • Jazoon Rookie Cup
  • Each Jazoon Rookie participant receives a diploma

All the best, guys!

Jazoon ’09: 6 months to go…

Exactly 6 months to go…

In June ’09, Zurich will host an International Conference on Java Technology (for the 3rd consecutive year since 2007) known as Jazoon.

The first ever Jazoon in summer 2007 attracted 800 participants and speakers from 28 countries. Already the very first accomplishment of Jazoon turned Zurich for four days into the epicenter of the Java and open source community.

What’s Jazoon?

Jazoon is an international industry conference on Java technology in Zurich. It addresses software developers and architects, IT decision-makers and consultants throughout Europe and around the world. Jazoon gives Java experts a platform in the heart of Europe where they share their ideas and experiences.

Check out Christian Frei’s Blog for more details, as he’s the co-organizer of Jazoon.

Hurry, Call for Papers still open!