This blog documents the experiences, one of the most passionate community member had, with NetBeans and related Open Source technologies.

What is NetBeans?

NetBeans is not just an IDE, its much more than that. It comprises of community knowledge base maintained by NetBeans Community Docs Program and the community is managed by passionate team of community members (known as the NetBeans Dream Team), along with Oracle employees.

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Contact Info

[Email | nvarun AT netbeans DOT org]

5 thoughts on “About

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  3. Dude,

    I know you will not post this comment, but have to say this. Plz stop being pompous. I have not seen single thing in your profile that is truly commendable. Take a break and come up with something that is useful for the community.

  4. @uglyhunk,

    I appreciate that you had the guts to say that. However, its fine with me, if you don’t like my credentials. By the way, talking about usefulness to the community. I don’t think, I need to justify to you, what I have done for the community.

    They very well know me, who I am and what I did.


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