No More Blogging, Tweeting!!

As I am no longer associated to any OSS activity (esp. NetBeans) for past few months. I think I will focus on other blog(s), where I am still active and blogging related to key learnings at my workplace.

Also, I have left twitter for good, I am bored of tweet-world as I no longer feel the need to do it. Anyways, enjoy the Fifa World Cup 2010, Grand Finale is near and I hope to see Netherlands pick the trophy this weekend.

By the way, you can get back in touch by emailing to diehard DOT coder AT gmail DOT com Anyways, it was great fun blogging for NetBeans and related FOSS technologies. Hope to see you follow my other blog (PrayogShala), where I am doing Shell Scripting rather than NetBeaning 😉