Hyperlink Navigation Renaissance | #2

Last year, I had written a blog on Hyperlink Navigation Renaissance, here’s brief overview;

After lot of discussion on OpenIDE mailing lists, exploring Developer FAQ’s, exerting my wrist, flexing fingers and what not? Finally, hit the deck hard! Yeah, Hyperlink Navigation in NetBeans got smarter! Especially, for HTML documents.

That time, I had developed a plug in, which I have started to discuss about more these days. Yes, its Revamped Hyperlink Navigation and here are list of blogs discussing about it;

These blogs basically describe the history of this plug in, pointers to available resources at Kenai and how do I use SVN for managing the plug in source code from CLI, as well as from NetBeans IDE.

Now, I would like to tell you that there has been many changes since and I thought community would be interested to see the updates in the tutorial, I wrote last year. Have a look at this wiki for updates, rather than the entry at NetBeans Zone (If you want to, then see the comments for updates).

Changes done..

I have got rid of overloaded setPosition methods, instead there would be one method from now onwards. While, some of the methods were renamed and some are no longer parameterized. This has reduced lot of redundant code and now, the code looks really neat. Making use of various editor features to cut-short long line of codes has helped.

Also, I removed the parameterized constructor, instead introduced a public method to pass necessary parameters from HyperlinkProvider implementation. This was done so as to possibly introduce an interface, which the module would depend on, while its implementation is available in another module. Yes, I am trying to make use of Lookup API to achieve same result.

Only issues I have, that currently one module can only depend on another user-defined module within a suite project. However, module I created is standalone one and its not possible to depend on another module, AFAIK. If you know of ways to do so, let me know or join this project to work towards achieving this.

NetBeans 6.7 and Manage Platforms..

All of this was possible due to a feature I recently discovered in NetBeans 6.7 IDE, which was there in previous releases as well. However, I never really explored it. By the way, NetBeans 6.7 FCS is released. Check out the new, super cool homepage of NetBeans DOT org.

NetBeans 6.7 FCS released!

Stay tuned..