#3 | Geertjan Blogs and Kenai

Dec, 2008

Nearly 6 months back,I had published 2nd part of the blog series, I started to share what I learnt while creating a project type. However, I couldn’t continue as I got busy with my internship commitments and engineering studies. I thought I would see many blogs after that from community side. I got few nods as well, but I am disappointed with them as they didn’t deliver.

May, 2009

I saw Geertjan wrote mini-blog-series (May, 2009) with code and hints on how to get started creating project type. That was really cool. Finally, it looked like my prayers were heard. Have a look at them;

  1. @AntBasedProjectRegistration
  2. @NodeFactory.Registration
  3. Build Project Command for Ant Based Project Types

Geertjan made use of NetBeans 6.7 daily builds for creating the prototype explained above. So, why not get started with these blogs?

June, 2009

I will soon continue with my exploration stopped long time back and will continue to post my learning in the coming months. Also, I have written a post in discussion forums to begin creating a project type.

Other News
Get to know more about my NetBeans plugins at Kenai and I also shared some tips and Tricks based on NetBeans Platform.

Come on, get started and share what you explore. Stay tuned for more..