Jazoon ’09: James Gosling is coming!

James Gosling’s only 2009 European appearance

Jazoon is very proud to have James Gosling deliver the opening Keynote of Jazoon’09 in Zurich, Switzerland, in 10 days. This is your only chance to meet him in Europe in person this year and to directly hear his latest news.

So if you missed JavaOne this year, attend Jazoon’09 and benefit from inside information and updates, but also get latest news about the future of Java. We all know that there are major changes coming up and that’s why you should attend Jazoon’09 to stay current.

Besides James Gosling, Jazoon’09 features many other interesting speakers from the Java world including Neal Ford, Ivar Jacobson, Adrian Colyer and Danny Coward. As a special guest we are pleased to announce Linda Cureton, CIO of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Goddard Space Flight Center in the USA. She will deliver the Jazoon’09 closing Keynote.

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