NetBeans Plugins at Kenai

Do you still remember the plug in, I created last year to revamp the way hyperlink navigation was taking place for HTML files? Do you know there isn’t any such plug in yet bundled into the NetBeans IDE?

Yes/No.. Don’t say “Can’t say” 😉

Anyways, answers are Yes and No. There has never been any out-of-the-box support, that provides hyperlink navigation amongst HTML documents in the NetBeans IDE.

October 03, 2007

Geertjan Wielenga (prolific NetBeans blogger) created one, although its still not bundled with the NB, which did provide required support. There’s also a NetBeans Platform Tutorial for this plug in, you may give it a read. Although, its target release was NetBeans 6.0!

July 24, 2008

This month, I showed interest in upgrading the plug in by completing some of the tasks, specified in Next Steps section of the tutorial. You may read this blog entry for complete history and hence, I created another one. I got nice feedback from some of the community members and Geertjan, so I decided to write a tutorial for this revamped plug in.

January 09, 2009

Since, I got 2 plugins (uploaded to Plugin Portal) published into NetBeans 6.0 Update Center.. I thought why not contribute the code to the community’s codebase, i.e. contrib repository..  After interacting with the Technical Community Manager, NetBeans Dream Team and related personnel, I decided to setup a project at Project Kenai.


I decided to let you know how you can access the source code of the plug in and upgrade it according to your preferences/requirements. I am very late to notify this as I was busy with my internship program, which commenced on January 19th and culminated on 24th May (this year).

Revamped Hyperlink Navigation

…hosted at Project Kenai, you may access the source code from the SVN repository and you may also discuss about this plug in on the decidated forums. I will soon add the NBM in the downloads section, till then either you can download it from Plugin Portal (stable release) OR if you want to access it from within the NetBeans.


Then, goto Tools | Plugins and select the Settings tab. Now, click Add button and Update Center Customizer pops up. Enter Name as NetBeans UC 6.0 and URL as Wait for a while as NetBeans configures your new Update Center. Once done, select Available Plugins tab and you would find my plug in there. Hope this helps!

Stay tuned for more updates..


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