MySQL, NetBeans and SQL Editor

I have been busy lately thanks to my internship project, which almost got screwed up. I was working in a team of 4 people, where we were building a web application, that was initially deployed at JBoss Server using JBoss Eclipse IDE (old version). Also, we had to interact with the centralized Oracle Server to setup our database for running the website.

Now, having being trained on some of those technologies in past few months, I thought it won’t be much of an issue. However, at the beginning of this month, I faced some weird issues which had no obvious answers. There weren’t any silly mistakes either. We were facing some issues with Oracle connectivity. I am not blaming Oracle or the company where we did the project. But, mix of old and new technologies, turned out to be quite confusing resulting in lot of trouble.

We were running out of time, so we decided to migrate our database to MySQL Server and use NetBeans 6.5 IDE, instead of old version of Eclipse. In the last 2 weeks, we were changing IDE’s, Servers and what not? After surpassing many hurdles, we completed the project and deployed it on the intranet with no issues.

Technologies Used

Servers: Apache Tomcat 6.0 Server running on one system, while the MySQL Server 4.x running on some other system.

Integrated Development Environments: JBoss IDE for Eclipse (2.0.0.beta2), Adobe Flex Builder 3 (Trial Version) and NetBeans 6.5


Although, we faced many hurdles while we strive towards  the project completion, I picked up many skills and learned many tricks to speed up the development. It was an amazing experience and certainly enriching one! Stay tuned to my blog to learn a few.

Also, I loved using SQL Editor provided by NetBeans IDE, it was so easy to manage the databases. Whenever you “Execute Command…” any SQL query, the data shown in form of the table is basically a CRUD application. It looked like the Java Application, you could have made using Swing Application Framework in NetBeans IDE. In the following blogs, you would get to know more about SQL Editor. Now, internship is over and I am back in my home town.


6 thoughts on “MySQL, NetBeans and SQL Editor

  1. it’s good news..

    but, i don’t really know about Java EE, i’m still using JDBC only..

    How u can help me to choice the better database connector better than JDBC, but it is must be easy to learn..

  2. That’s a strange question, AFAIK developers who choose to connect to databases through Java code make use of JDBC API and thus choose appropriate driver for the purpose.

    If you use MySQL, then Connector/J and if you use Oracle, then Thin Driver Type IV & so on…

    Its up to you to decide, what you want? Hope this helps..

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  5. hey i want to do a project in which i am going to use net beans ,my sql for data base and apache tomcat server.can u help me up with this.i cant configure how to do this.

  6. Unfortunately as soon as you go from MySQL to database Netbeans SQL editor become absolutely useless as it don’t work with stored procedures. Ever can’t provide a navigator if you have more than one SP in a file.

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