Exploring Adobe Flex SDK

…the OSS adventure continues!

I have recently developed an interest in Adobe Flex SDK and exploring it as much as I can. Actually, I am building a project using its 3.0.0 version with Adobe’s Flex Builder 3 (based on Eclipse Platform).

Hey, I know there’s also something known as FlexBeans being developed by some of NetBeans Community members. I haven’t yet tried it out, but have a look into it in near future.

Flex looks really cool, building up “Presentation Tier” for your Web Applications has become so easy, i.e. resulting in “Rich Internet Applications” (RIA’s). I also know there’s Java FX out there by Sun Microsystems and I have also started to look into it, due to their Java FX Coding Challenge and might soon be out with my own applications, instead of running the demo’s.

Stay tuned..


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