Exploring Adobe Flex SDK

…the OSS adventure continues!

I have recently developed an interest in Adobe Flex SDK and exploring it as much as I can. Actually, I am building a project using its 3.0.0 version with Adobe’s Flex Builder 3 (based on Eclipse Platform).

Hey, I know there’s also something known as FlexBeans being developed by some of NetBeans Community members. I haven’t yet tried it out, but have a look into it in near future.

Flex looks really cool, building up “Presentation Tier” for your Web Applications has become so easy, i.e. resulting in “Rich Internet Applications” (RIA’s). I also know there’s Java FX out there by Sun Microsystems and I have also started to look into it, due to their Java FX Coding Challenge and might soon be out with my own applications, instead of running the demo’s.

Stay tuned..


Long Time, No See :|

Hello all,

I have been on and off this blog in the first quarter of this year. However, I think I will have more time in one month’s time as I would get more time to spend on NetBeans and share with you my learning’s. I was shocked to see a company like Sun getting acquired. You all know by now that Oracle is buying Sun and everybody is curious to know about the future of NetBeans and I am no different. Looking forward to see, how this “amazing product of the community” evolves.

Anyways, just to keep you updated, I had posted a blog on my other blog about some changes taking place in the past few weeks. There’s a surprise coming your way this summer. Stay tuned to my blog 🙂