Lets congrats James, Tom and Fabrizio!

Firstly, its good to be back at blogging. It certainly became an important part of my life and I really missed it for the past 1.5 months. Anyways, time to cheer up and congratulate my friends šŸ™‚

NetBeans Governance Board Elections

Well, it is actually the first time that I knew each and every nominee, because they are in the NetBeans Dream Team since July 2008.

March 09, 2009

I was eagerly waiting for the results to come and when the results were out. It was indeed a pleasant surprise. I saw it first on Planet NetBeans and saw JamesBranam’s Blog announcing the results. I was indeed deceived momentarily, but then I was glad to see James Branam being appointed as the representative from Sun Microsystems. As per the latest news item , Tom Wheeler scored a hat-trick , Fabrizio Giudici got elected for the first time . I am honored to have got special blog entries from James and Fabrizio in the past.

Congratulations to James, Tom and Fabrizio!

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