Awards: NetBeans back with a bang

Winners of the Product of the Year 2009 have been announced and you won’t be surprised to know..

NetBeans is certainly back with a bang ! We won FIVE awards out of TWELVE..

Here’s an excerpt from the announcement,

In the past due to close races, runner ups were also recognized. This year there were no close calls. Each winner won its category with a respectable margin.

In the case of Java Tools the winner had almost three times the votes of the others finalists in the category combined.

It is no surprise that the Development Tool category received the most votes. The second most popular category continues to be Open Source. Looking back over the last two years this shouldn’t be surprising at all.

The top two categories last year were Development Tool and Open Source. Two years ago the top categories were Wireless/Mobile and Open Source.

Last year, we won under the categories: Developer Tool, Java Tool and Wireless/Mobile Development Tool.. You can also take a look at the hall of fame , where we have won more awards over the past several years.. You haven’t yet started using NetBeans? What are you waiting for?

NetBeans Community Rocks!


8 thoughts on “Awards: NetBeans back with a bang

  1. > NetBeans Community Rocks’s awards have been decided by online-polls. Does anybody think that an ONLINE-POLL like that can’t be manipulated?

    Are you aware how ridicolous your blog is? Everybody knows that awards like that can be ( and definetely are!) manipulated.

  2. Hmmm, if you think blog is ridiculous enough, then you shouldn’t have even wasted your time for posting a comment here..

    As far as polls are concerned, talk to if you are really frustrated to see your choice of tools not getting any award..

  3. In netbeans 6.5, I am tring to checkout my project from CVS,using the options Versioning>CVS>Checkout. In step 2 of checkout, Module to Checkout, if I browse the branch , i dont get all the branches returned. Its inconsistent. Sometimes it returns all branches, sometimes only a few. Do you know whether its a know issue?

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