Top NetBeans Posts of Year 2008

Today, I looked at my blog’s dashboard closely for statistics of top posts… I found only five had more than 900 hits and they all were published in the last quarter of the year, so that’s interesting.. Anyways, here’s the Top Five Entries;

01 | Top 10 NetBeans Platform 6.5 Features


Geertjan Wielenga (Special Guest)


Here are my personal favorite enhancements in relation to the NetBeans Platform for the upcoming 6.5 release.

Note that the NetBeans Platform is the infrastructure that underpins NetBeans IDE, as well as many other similar large modular Swing applications, hence this blog entry isn’t applicable to NetBeans IDE only.

It is applicable to any application built atop the NetBeans Platform. So, here are my personal favorite features, in no particular order…

02 | MySQL Admin and NetBeans 6.1 IDE


Varun Nischal


Few days back, I had blogged about Tryst with MySQL. Today, I shall move ahead and give an insight on database management with MySQL using NetBeans.

Its meant for Windows user only, rest can follow too, though just for the content and may try exploring these steps for their OS as well..

03 | Editor Hyperlinks (PHP to Javascript)


Varun Nischal


Wow, another surprise, did I miss something in release notes! I hunted again and again, I think I got the treasure first P Actually, today I was again looking into PHP support, so thought of opening my first ever PHP application, I created using Dreamweaver 8, WAMPServer (which was actually my semester project) last December..

04 | Remote profiling with NetBeans


Fabrizio Giudici (Special Guest)


The NetBeans Profiler is well known as a fundamental utility for analyzing the performance of a Java application, as well as being a very intuitive and simple tool to run (of course, the real job of guessing the meaning of the figures that it produces is another story).

Actually, developing an application with the NetBeans IDE and profiling in just a couple of clicks is nice; but sometimes it is not the best option..

05 | VW JSF and Woodstock (NetBeans 6.5)


Varun Nischal


Nice to see the August build has a better support for VW JSF with Woodstock Components. It was a disappointing experience during last 2 weeks of July, since NetCAT began.

Features like On-Demand Binding Attribute were not working, syntax highlighting was not good, as well as, Deploy on focus..

Thank You


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