Project with Kenai and I

You all must have seen, I rarely post code on my blogs… 😮 However, during recent blog series I felt that there was indeed a need to write some code to complement my postings..

What sort of blog series?

I have been learning concepts of NetBeans Rich Client Platform for quite some time and last year, I studied RCP rather inconsistently.. So, recently focusing on design patterns, I thought of giving RCP another try and I am glad to have devoted some time to learn the popular modular framework..

What about coding?

Well, as I had blogged few months back about 2 plugins (uploaded to Plugin Portal) getting published into NetBeans 6.0 Update Center.. So, I thought why not contribute the code to the community’s codebase, i.e. contrib repository..

So, I emailed the concerned authority and after few weeks or so, got the access to the Mercurial Repository, however I had stopped working on RCP and was not able to devote much time to it..

Project (with) Kenai

I was actually thinking of setting up a project at, so whenever I get time I will commit code to the SVN repository there and link to the files from blogs wherever necessary..

Also, I can have code of multiple projects committed to single project setup at However, recently few Dream Team Members were discussing about Project Kenai on the mailing list and soon after I started exploring it.

and I

I found it interesting, so finally I have setup a project at Project Kenai and have started to commit some code..

Currently, I have stored code for my GoF and Lookup based blog series and for my Revamped Plug-in for HTML Hyperlink Navigation, I would soon add NBM’s to the downloads section..

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