Phase 3 | NetBeans Community Docs


I am yet again blogging about Community Docs, this time not blogging personal experience but would like to give you a recap of events that brought changes to the way program was being driven and lot more news..

What exactly do we mean by Phase(s)?

Well, it all started when James and Amit started up official weblog for NetBeans Community Docs and announced that they are gearing up for “Phase II“, as they were done with getting 100 community-contributed docs..

So, there was no “Phase I”, I mean there was no articulation of it that they were in “Phase I” and are aiming for future phases. If they did have something, then I was not privileged enough to have that information 😉

I was neither in the NetBeans Community Docs Team nor in the NetBeans Dream Team..

Phase II | Blog and Groups..

Well, I can think of phases, as of how the project evolved? So, James announced lot of stuff for “Phase II” and soon, social networking began outside your inbox at a much larger scale.. and other established social networking sites translate into more ways for NetBeans community members to communicate with each other, start exciting projects, be in the know about NetBeans, and help to keep the NetBeans community strong and active.

Revolution was taking place and many people joined Facebook group, while few joined MySpace..

Midway through Phase II..

Changes in the team management took place, when I became Contribution Coordinator as Amit K. Saha moved into employment at Sun Microsystems, India..

Since then, lot has changed and I have kept you all updated with my personal experiences on being aboard the management of NetBeans Community Docs..

Phase III | Newsletters, Evangelists and More..

Phase III kicked off when we got 200 docs.. finally, we come towards “Phase III and again there wasn’t any specific articulation I could point you to, where we could have listed what all we would do..

Instead, our team had a Skype chat session and thereafter, we started executing the discussed ideas steadily, not at one-go!

Today, I can proudly say that all our ideas have resulted in timely goods.. Of course, community members were always there to support our ideas and helped us in realizing them..

Weekly Newsletters (20, 8, 7)

20 (20) English, 8 (20) Spanish and 7 (20) German were published.. We will be launching “Monthly Newsletters”, soon..

Blog Series- NetBeans Dream Team Docs

The posts of this special series were highlighted in weekly newsletters..

Special News Item Archive

and, some More Updates..

Whats Next?

We are 21 docs away from beginning the next phase of this amazing project/program, whatever you call it.. You would soon see some more out-of-the-box thinking taking place, at our side..

New Year has just begun and you’re in for many more surprises..
Stay tuned for more..


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