GoF and Lookup: A Deadly Combo

Today, I begin another blog series, the most interesting one I guess! As part of my university courses, where I was introduced to “Gang of Four” design patterns in recent past. I felt quite excited about them, so lets see what’s in store for all of us…

Gang of Four (GoF)

If you don’t know what GoF is, consider reading on web for introduction and related books for in-depth information. They are of three types, namely; Creational, Structural and Behavioral patterns.

Creational Patterns

These patterns have to do with class instantiation. They can be further divided into class-creation patterns and object-creation patterns. While class-creation patterns use inheritance effectively in the instantiation process, object-creation patterns use delegation to get the job done.

They comprise of 5 types;

  1. Abstract Factory
  2. Builder
  3. Factory Method
  4. Prototype
  5. Singleton

You can continue reading more on Wikipedia about the basics of Design Patterns… Update: There’s a Dzone RefCardz on Design Patterns, give it a read..

Lookup API

Well, this is the most lovable API ever produced by NetBeans Developers, its loved by anyone who makes use of NetBeans Platform to build modular desktop applications, or integrate innovative stuff into the NetBeans IDE.

You learn while you practice, so without wasting further time, I would suggest reading Antonio’s blog, which IMO simplifies understanding of Lookup API.

What about Geertjan? Ofcourse, who can ever forget him for the wonderful blogs he’s writing for the past several years. Also, book written by him along with Tim Boudreau and Jaroslav Tulach is a must read for gaining a better understanding of Rich Client Programming.

That’s not all, thank him again for releasing a series of screencasts to teach you all the basics of Top 10 NetBeans API’s on NetBeans Zone (Dzone Network).

A Deadly Combo

I was thinking, what shall happen if one uses Lookup API while applying the Gang of Four Design Patterns in an application. Sounds like a deadly combo, isn’t it? I felt it recently 😉

On that thought, I am trying to create some RCP Applications based on my learnings of the above, will blog about them in follow-up blog entries of this newly started series.

Stay tuned for upcoming blogs…


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