Announcing VOC Captains!


You remember last week, Jiri Kovalsky made an announcement on nbusers mailing list. He had come up with an interesting initiative and invited NetBeans Community Members to take part in it.

However, yesterday the VOC Captains as the selected members would be called were announced on nbusers mailing list. Here’s the post for you;

Hello NetBeans community,

I am very pleased to announce that according to the plan VOC captains were selected yesterday. The 3 representatives are: Annabel Melongo from Cameroon, Tushar Joshi from India and Michel Graciano from Brazil. I am sure they will take their new role seriously and that NetBeans users will soon recognize their work and influence.

If you are interested in the next steps, the team will soon have a kick-off online meeting in order to fine tune certain operational details and the official start of the VOC process is expected in January.

So, congratulations Annabel, Tushar and Michel!

Best regards,

All the best, VOC Captains!
Good luck 🙂


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