Final Acknowledgements

Final Day- Closing Words and APIFest ’08 Game

Jonathan Schwartz on NetBeans and 10 Years of Software Development

To bring the NetBeans 10th birthday celebration to a close, we have a special interview with Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz. He talks about why developers are important to Sun, looks back on how software development has changed over the last 10 years, and why NetBeans matters to Sun and the industry. And it turns out NetBeans and Jonathan have something in common…!

Final Acknowledgments

One more hurrah as the NetBeans 10th Birthday celebration comes to a close! And this one goes out to all the outstanding individuals who have been involved in the NetBeans project, from inception to present-day efforts. We want to recognize and thank some of them here.

Featured Project- OpenOffice

It’s been ten amazing years for NetBeans—from student project to budding start-up to renowned open source project. Meet some of the outstanding people who have helped along the way.

The APIFest ’08 Game

As part of NetBeans 10th Birthday Celebration and to promote his latest book, The API Book, NetBeans founder Jarda Tulach organized a contest to help improve users’ API design skills.

NetBeans 10th Birthday Celebration Decathlon

To honor 10 years of the NetBeans project and community, we’ve selected ten events that anyone can participate in to be a part of the celebration. The first 300 participants to complete events that add up to 50 points will receive a limited edition NetBeans 10th Anniversary Shirt! In keeping with the spirit of community, these events are all based around various community activities and sites: blogging, forums, Facebook and more. So read on, pick out your favorite events and celebrate away!


  1. 10 events, each worth a different amount of points.
  2. Complete any number of events that tally up to 50 points.
  3. IMPORTANT: Keep track of links to blog entries, forums, and so on. You will need to submit these links in the Decathlon Entry Form.
  4. The first 300 participants to complete the Decathlon form will be eligible to receive a limited edition NetBeans 10th Anniversary T-shirt.
  5. There is no judging, so be creative, reminisce, and have fun!
  6. The Decathlon ends on Today.

Cheers 😉


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