Build Successful

BUILD SUCCESSFUL (total time: 97 minutes 14 seconds)

This is what was the last statement in the Output Window of NetBeans 6.5 RC1 running on Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment 1.6.0_10-b33, when I build NetBeans Sources I got from cloning /main-golden

Thanks, mate!

Amidst the NetBeans Birthday Bash, I would like to thank my friend who took out some time to make a clone repository of /main-golden, as both of us are working on a project and looking forward to make use of Generic Scripting Framework.

Also, I came to know through this Developer FAQ (pointed out by someone) to make use of Specification Version, instead of Implementation Version of the Gsf Module Dependency… Read that Developer FAQ for more info!

Why /main-golden?

I referred a document for information on Mercurial Access. So, I found out /main-golden would be fine for us. As its guaranteed that build would succeed..

Using Java Platforms

I got recently introduced to JDK 6u10 when I attended a conference call few days back, where Java Champions, JUG Leaders and my fellow NetBeans Dream Team Members attended a presentation made by Danny Coward and Ethan Nicholas, and it was wonderful experience listening to them, by the way JavaPosse Team Members were there as well.

So, following day I downloaded JDK 6u10 and soon NetBeans 6.5 RC1 was made available too! I installed the Release Candidate using JDK 6u10 as my friend made a clone repository.

Today, I copied it onto my system (Windows), and then, opened NetBeans Build System Freeform Project in the NetBeans 6.5 RC1, created, added few properties.

Forgot to use JDK 1.5

I started building the sources, and soon realised I forgot to use JDK 1.5 to build it, so after downloading binaries, build failed. It took nearly 100 minutes.

Then, I made the required changes in the, and build again…This time build was successful, no more downloading happened and it took 97 minutes and 14 seconds to finish.

Build Successful

This way I successfully build NetBeans IDE Dev using JDK 1.5_0_10 and JDK 6u10. Also, as soon as I ran the build, 2 updates followed by 67 updates were found, I updated, restarted and its running smoothly. Time to play with the NetBeans Build, hopefully many tips and Tricks would follow soon!


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