Greetings from Prague

Day 2- Prague, Localization, MySQL and Decathlon

From Prague with Love – NetBeans 10th Birthday Greetings

Birthday greetings and reflections from the NetBeans team in Prague, Czech Republic. This is where it all started!

NetBeans Localization Project

If you develop with the NetBeans IDE in Japanese or German; browse our website in Indonesian or Albanian; read the NetBeans Weekly newsletter in French or Brazilian Portuguese, there’s one group to thank —the NetBeans Localization team! This community-driven team of translators has done an invaluable job of making the NetBeans Project, in its many forms, available to non-English speaking developers worldwide. For their great work, we say: Dekujeme, Gracias, Merci, Danke, Arigato …!

Featured Project- MySQL

NetBeans 10th Birthday Celebration Decathlon

To honor 10 years of the NetBeans project and community, we’ve selected ten events that anyone can participate in to be a part of the celebration. The first 300 participants to complete events that add up to 50 points will receive a limited edition NetBeans 10th Anniversary Shirt! In keeping with the spirit of community, these events are all based around various community activities and sites: blogging, forums, Facebook and more. So read on, pick out your favorite events and celebrate away!


  1. 10 events, each worth a different amount of points.
  2. Complete any number of events that tally up to 50 points.
  3. IMPORTANT: Keep track of links to blog entries, forums, and so on. You will need to submit these links in the Decathlon Entry Form.
  4. The first 300 participants to complete the Decathlon form will be eligible to receive a limited edition NetBeans 10th Anniversary T-shirt.
  5. There is no judging, so be creative, reminisce, and have fun!
  6. The Decathlon ends on Monday, October 27th, 2008.

Cheers 😉


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