10 Tips and Tricks


I will be hoping to write a blog each day to mark each day as a special day in the countdown to NetBeans 10th Birthday.

Tips and Tricks

At the end of the last entry, I had pointed to our NetBeans Community Docs Blog, where James had posted about “Call for Contributions: Tips and Tricks“. Do give it a read, its IMPORTANT.

Now, lets talk about the Tips and Tricks (taT’s) I contributed to the community. I have actually maintained taT specific blog entries, you can even subscribe to them as well, more details down below.

Coincidentally, I have blogged only 10 entries and 7 of them have been contributed to NetBeans Community Docs Program. So, lets have a look at them-

taT-10 | Open Projects w/o Browsing

Community Docs | TaT_09

taT-09 | Sort Key and Woodstock

Community Docs | TaT_08

taT-08 | Editor Windows Reactivated

taT-07 | Reload Debugging (debug-fix-nb)

Community Docs | TaT_07

taT-06 | Editor Fold Utility

taT-05 | Play with XML Layer (Part 3)

Community Docs | TaT_06

taT-04 | Play with XML Layer (Part 2)

taT-03 | Play with XML Layer

Community Docs | TaT_05

taT-02 | Passing Arguments Using IDE

Community Docs | TaT_03

taT-01 | Space Around Component…

Community Docs | TaT_02

So, as you can see there are 7 documentations, out of the 10 entries, I forgot I had another blog too, from where I have done some contributions as well, when program was going through Phase II. Have a look-

Phase II | Troubleshoot NetBeans Startup (Part 2)

Community Docs | TaT_04

Phase II | Troubleshoot NetBeans Startup

Community Docs | TaT_01

Tally reaches 9

I need to contribute 1 more, making it 10 on 10 as 10 days to go for 10th B’day. 😉 Also, this is my 100th post for NetBeans category 🙂


I was wondering, if this could be an easy way to contribute, yes if you are not able to articulate any tips and tricks for the community. You can atleast do one thing, make use of my existing taT documentations (not blogs), and localize them in German, Spanish, Portugese, French or any other language you feel like in your blog as a post and comment back here with the link.

Also, email me- nvarun AT netbeans DOT org

Else, you may localize them directly onto the Community Docs wiki at http://wiki.netbeans.org/CommunityDocs. Also, NetBeans is a huge IDE, and there are lots of things you can write about. Just pick an area and submit a few tips and tricks. It’s that easy 🙂


You can also add my feeds on taT’s into any feed reader OR you may subscribe through email as well. Have fun and be ready to celebrate the NetBeans B’day next week.

Party has just begun!


10 thoughts on “10 Tips and Tricks

  1. Оооо! Вот это в точку сказано. Люблю, когда все к месту и при этом понятно для простого смертного.

    Translated to English- “Oooo! This is a point mentioned. I like when everything in place while it is understandable to mere mortals.”

  2. отличный пример стоящего материала. благо, автор просто гений.

    Translated to English- “An excellent example of standing material. good, the author simply genius.”

  3. Поскольку я не обладаю искусством письма и не могу наиболее ярко выразить здесь мою нескончаемую благодарность вам за ваш божественный талант, я просто скажу спасибо.

    Translated to English- “Since I do not have the arts and letters can not most vividly express here my endless gratitude to you for your divine talent, I just say thank you.”

  4. Я конечно, не совсем хорошо разбираюсь в этой теме, мне по душе больше автомобили, но никогда не поздно узнать что-то новенькое ))

  5. Прикольно, логично, по теме блога. Спасибо за поднятие настроения!

    Translated to English- “Cool, logical, on the blog. Thank you for raising the spirits!”

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