10 Days, 10th B’day


Its been a while and I have not been blogging regularly, however I couldn’t resist it when I came to know NetBeans 10th B’day is just 10 days away đŸ˜‰


Wikipedia says,

“The decathlon is an athletic event consisting of ten track and field events. Events are held over two consecutive days and the winners are determined by the combined performance in all. Performance is judged on a points system in each event, not by the position achieved.”

NetBeans Team says,

“We’ve also come up with a fun way for the community to celebrate with us—the NetBeans Decathlon! Ten interactive activities that let NetBeans users show and share what the NetBeans project means to them. “

Birthday Bash

For our 10th birthday bash we plan to highlight some of the key initiatives and individuals whose contributions and dedication have kept the NetBeans momentum going strong. There will be unique content—video greetings, community profiles and more—available during the week-long retrospective.

The countdown has already started, so just wait and watch for the biggest party of this year’s final quarter.

More News
Call for contributions- taT’s (Tips and Tricks)

sTay Tuned for more acTion… đŸ˜‰


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