taT | Open Projects w/o Browsing

Its been 2 months, and I have not written any taT’s since then 😐 Anyways, its time to move on, and try out another cool trick πŸ™‚

A different way of starting the IDE

Geertjan once blogged this entry, and said, “Drag and drop a desktop icon of a file onto the NetBeans desktop icon……and the IDE will start up, with the specified file open in the editor. That’s always been possible, but is [as far as I am aware] completely unknown.”

There are several such observations, which could be made, but it generally happens accidentally πŸ˜›

Opening Projects..

Now, there are two ways of opening projects (created/maintained locally), that I have seen.

General way- Browsing from Inside

Firstly, you know that one has to go to “File > Open Project..” OR, use a shortcut key- “Ctrl+Shift+O”

Then, you browse to the location of the project and then you “Open” it in the IDE.

New way- Without Internal Browsing

Now, what you can do? Whether NetBeans IDE is running or not, it doesn’t matter, just use your system file browser which is faster than the IDE, and locate your project root.

Drag-n-Drop the folder over NetBeans Desktop Icon, if its not running, OR Drag-n-Drop it over NetBeans running instance. It will take some time, and project would be opened, that too as Main Project, by default.

What you have to do?

Execute this trick and comment, if you like. Also, if you have some of the tricks to share, which makes life easier for users, share it with NetBeans Community through NetBeans Community Docs Program! Another thing, if you’re not a blogger and want to share similar DnD discoveries with the community, you can mail me – nvarun AT netbeans DOT org

So, that I can blog about your discoveries, and contribute them to the above documentation project as well.

This blog has been contributed to NetBeans Community Docs Program and for latest updates on this content, refer to the contribution.

Have a good day πŸ™‚


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